D'ya...d'ya hear that? Something coming from the mountains, I think. I mean, it's not like dragons are real or anything, don't be ridiculous. It's just...if you see a shadow over Whalecrest tonight, and I'm gone tomorrow, you'll know why...

Other places I roam

Every time I think I have no need for this section, I do. Here's some other places to catch me.

mariteaux#1020 on Discord
I'm always online on here if I'm not sleeping. (If I decline your friend request, take a hint.)
My mailbag is open once again. Send me 1200 IQ shit.
Letters From Somnolescent
Group blog, of course. Stuff goes on it a few times a month, and it's got RSS in case you like to stalk passively. Saves you lot some effort uwuwuwuwu.
Took over a spare account and now some of the characters I've been playing with are up here. This will be used at some point as proof that I'm a massive goddamn furry.
One of my favorite sites to browse and stare at stuff on. Here's a link to my entire physical music collection, if you're curious about that. (And here's my wantlist, if you wanna know what I'm in the market for.)
After a few attempts at people pretending to be me (badly), I've actually set up shop on DeviantART. (I find CoffeeColoredBadger a perfectly suitable alternate username.) Art soon perhaps.
Most of my gaming comes from uhhhhh legally obtained Virtual Console games on my Wii, but sometimes I play Dynomite! too.
Oh yeah, and my long-neglected GOG account. Caby reminded me it existed when we played Stardew.
I'm back to streaming weekly! Saturday evenings at 5PM EST, so give or take a few hours if you're a bong. Or worse.

Recommended viewing

I'm not involved in any of these sites, but I like hovering them.


A wealth of early and unreleased versions of games for Atari's early consoles and computers. It doesn't update often, but when it does, it's always worth the read.
The Cutting Room Floor
I occasionally write and browse this. Good binge-reading about cut content in vidya.
As long as they know how degenerate they are, all is well. I enjoy the spectacle of watching a grown man glitch through Caverns a lot.
Flash? Shockwave? Unity? Doesn't much matter, these guys are preserving a solid 15 years of web history and vidya goodness, and my God is their selection fantastic. Something like 6,000 games? I thought I'd never get to play Milk Shake ever again. Shit's like magic, very worth the download.
FPS Legends
If you can stomach Daemon Tools to get the discs working, this is an absolute hidden gem of a site if you're out for 90s FPSes quick and free with patches. Hexen II, SIN, Unreal Tournament, Duke Nukem 3D, what a lineup. (Plus, where else are you gonna find Impel for Quake? Quaddicted? Don't make me laugh.)
Always wanted to program an old console or two, and this girl does exactly that, among other things (AOL!). Good writeups, well worth a bunch of reads.
I thoroughly enjoy these big pirate collections that claim they're only for preservation. Software preservation's important, don't get me wrong, but this is where you get your WiiWare WADs if we're being honest. Still, they've never let me down for that. LetterBomb your Wii before ya visit.
Platypus Comix (The site with everything!)
Didn't know where else to stuff this, honestly. Some gaming stuff creeps in there, but it's not really a gaming site—no, it's a fucking rabbit hole of 80s and 90s nostalgia hysteria, a black hole of advertising oblivion, and other such things you maybe remember if you remember it. It's been up for two forevers. Start here for perhaps my favorite page on the whole site.
The Video Game Critic
Longtime reader of Dave's site, and boy is there a lot to read. Seriously, name a console, he's covered it. And likely every game ever released for it. And the controllers.
Vimm's Lair
Nintendo's greatest enemy. If you're not big on ROM torrents, this is absolutely the place to get your shit. Manuals, too.

Retrocomputing (mostly Macintosh)

Big Mess o' Wires
I was surprised to learn Steve Chamberlin, the guy who wrote Tetris Max, is still poking at those old Macs and designing circuits and tools to keep them useful. Good reads, good man.
Floodgap Systems
I best know Cameron Kaiser for his work on Gopher, but man, does he do a ton else. Archiving, coding, medicine, tenfourfox, fucking sign collection??? Dunno, but I want a site as big and mazey as this man's.
I suppose any woke computer kid already has this and WinWorld in their back pocket, but still plenty handy nonetheless. I used it as a reference for designing this site.
The Long View
Emphasis on long. Very detailed, historical writeups on milestones in the Mac's evolution, from Copland to Quicktime. Reader mode or a good e-reader recommended. (Seems to now be inactive :<)
Low End Mac
Sometimes I read this and drool. Old Macs are still great fun to use, and this has a ton of information on them, plus recommendations for older models if you're looking to do retrocomputing.
Mac 512k Blog
The Fat Mac isn't a machine I pay much attention to (got my eyes set on a Classic II instead) but it turns out, it's still pretty damn capable, especially when you start doing things you weren't supposed to with it.
Mac OS 9 for Windows
Mac OS 9 for MacOS
These are plug-n-play versions of SheepShaver, a PowerPC Mac emulator that's a bit of a pain in the ass to get running. Comes with OS 9.0.4, a bunch of software already on it, plus stuff to get files on and off the virtual machine. Probably not legal, but very convenient.
Macintosh Garden
Been using this site to gather games and tools for Mini vMac. Most of it won't run at all on that, which is sad, but it's still an incredibly fun site to look through.
Mini vMac
The cutest 68k Mac emulator. I actually get a lot of use out of this to play games and run Mac Word 5.1, which is what I do all my writing in.
Actually pretty useful for research purposes. (They have Netscape...)
Nope, nothing to do with Rareware, amazingly, just a whole lot of beyond obscure audio encoders, especially MP3 encoders. This site is incredibly relevant to my autism as a result.
System 6 Hell
Emaculation in general is a great site, but this is a giant System 6-compatible game and software library akin to Macintosh Garden up there. Some neat and rare stuff in here, worth a look if you've got a vMac.
System 7 Today
Who would've thought Mac OS 7 would still be as useful today as ever?
Urban Renewal
Look! Someone remade all the old Mac System fonts! (You might recognize Los Altos as the dialogue font for my stories, uwu.)


Brad Sucks
The first musician I found on my own and got obsessed with. Inspired me to do my own bedroom recording and Creative Commons releasing.
Horribly underrated psych noise pop bedroom recorder. He gave me four unreleased albums because I asked for them. Cool fucking dude.
Droney ambient electronic downtempo coldwarcore. Been a major influence on my aphrodisiac project as of late. (Check out conelcast too, it's his biweekly ambient podcast. Good for focusing or zoning out.)
Indie kids wish they were as cool as Lou Barlow. Tons of unreleased recordings and stuff to gawk at from the man who brought you the Folk Implosion.
Oh yeah, and the other half of the Folk Implosion. Who would've thought a man named "John Davis" would be so well hidden in plain sight?
Midwestern Dirt
Good-ass mope music. Very indie, very rootsy, very lonely. Down the Stairs and to the Left is utter brilliance.
State Shirt
Swirly, loopy indie rock and synthpop, also Creative Commons. He makes me wanna play with live looping.
The Ship
I'm linking a record label, yes, but only because this is basically home base for the indie rock collective of the same name. Seriously, there's history here. Heard of Silversun Pickups? Earlimart? Irving? Pine Marten? Sea Wolf? Ya better have.


Albums That Never Were
I might be cheating calling this a "fansite", but this guy does some crazy detailed recreations of albums that never existed for one reason or another. Love his writeups, love his attention to pressings and dynamics, and I love how he gives this shit away in lossless, even if I'm not into a lot of the classic rock he focuses on.
Citizen Insane
My preferred Radiohead fansite, especially for their early material, demos, interviews, and live recordings.
Foo Fighters Live
Comprehensive live show and sessions history for Foo Fighters. Not as comprehensive as LiveNIRVANA below, but more modern and functional, and this one even lets you download some of the sessions.
Very detailed history of every Nirvana studio and demo session, live shows and recordings, bootlegs, interviews, memorabilia, and even some really awful fake Nirvana songs fresh from KaZaa. This site's been in a weird state of disarray for a long time, but it's all still kinda functional.
Teenage Victory Songs
A (long-dead?) songblog about dissecting Weezer's rather rocky discography—soyrev's anger is very, very entertaining, and he's a smart dude anyway. I should do a songblog sometime, they sound fun.
Another gold standard of fansites, this one for Beck. I love the song and lyric dissections; if you're gonna pick apart someone's lyrics, Beck's are a pretty worthwhile choice.


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