mari's Gopher Information Repository

(Presented in mumblecore for old browsers/because this is roughly what you'd get with Gopher)


What is Gopher?

Gopher is a highly efficient file distribution and retrieval protocol. You can think of it as a much more rigid and structured version of the World Wide Web. Gopher sites host Gopher menus (like web pages) with links to files and other menus, but because of its rigid and clean structure of plain text and links only, it's quicker and easier to find exactly what you want.

As a vintage protocol, old computers and phones love it, and there's a wealth of client software, server software, and information about Gopher out there. I provide these pages as my own way of documenting any hangups you might encounter.

(Most of this section is still being worked on.)

Gopher basics


Hosting and how-tos