Such is the enlightened nature. The Buddha consciousness. The mind of Christ. Whatever you want to call it. The one. Love. Pure energy. The totality of that which is. The ultimate paradox. Everything is interconnected. It is beyond words, the words are only a pointer to experience. You have to actually experience it for yourself. You become more conscious of yourself and will experience life better and better for an eternity. It never ends. You will never know it all. You can know how life works but never what it is. It is an eternal mysteriousness, an eternal dance. It is the pathless path. The goalless goal. Such is a paradox of God. The goal is NOW. The eternal present moment. You already have everything you want. You just don't know it yet. Remember when you were a child? Far more fulfilling. Just playing around without a fucking care in the world :D You didn't have goals. When you made a sandcastle, you didn't do it to "get somewhere". You did it to build the fucking sandcastle. It is the eternal godhead Jesus talked about. The eternal present moment. Jesus said, "a child will show the way to heaven". God is the alpha and omega, omnipresent. When your mind is completely open, you see God. The present moment, everything you can sense with your 5 life senses, and your senses will be infinitely more powerful. You cannot be anywhere else. It is all of your life. She is saying hiiii to me now :D (not in the way you think) Life is loving me 24/7 and i'm loving it 24/7, yet we are one and the same (paradox). I am fucking the cosmic vagina 24/7, and will forever.

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