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Feed Virtually Fun
Musings on old technology and virtualization. Very fun to read.

Feed One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age
Digging through the GeoCities torrent.

Not Quite What the Doctor Ordered
Hasn't been updated in forever, but a site I think about a lot.

Software developers

A huge collection of small and useful freeware utilities made by Nir Sofer.

Pablo Software Solutions
I have found myself coming back to many tools from here, such as Quick and Easy FTP Server for getting things onto my old machines.

DanSoft Australia
Daniel Lo Nigro's earlier computer software and PHP scripts. His main site is here, pretty cool guy who wrote SMF mods back in the day.

Home of ASCII Art Studio.

Rare and Retro

A search engine for the classic web. Many personal sites here too, you never know quite what you'll find.

Windows Wallpaper Wiki
A wiki dedicated to wallpapers used in Windows versions.

A desktop skinning site from a simpler time. If you want to skin BeatNik Internet Clock or Chroma here's where to go, many classic WindowBlinds skins as well.

Documents many graphical user interfaces leading up to XP. The site itself is an example of masterful mid-2000s web design in all honesty.

Web Design Museum
The sites here are a very large influence for this site's design. Definitely check this out if you have an interest in design over the years.

Windows 2000 Setup and Support Page
Good resource for getting Windows 2000 installs up and running, particularly on newer hardware.

Macintosh Garden
Many software applications and services for your old Macs.

PowerPC Archive
Site focused on software for Mac OS X-based PowerPC machines.

Fork of Firefox for PowerPC Macs.

An excellent repository of Palm OS games and software.

Xah Keyboard Guide
Technically more than just retro, this site details and reviews many different models of keyboards, including some oddball ones.

HTTP proxy software that allows older browsers to connect to current HTTPS sites.

Web Rendering Proxy
Use modern websites on archaic browsers with server-side image maps.

Useful programs

File synchronization program that lets you sync folders across multiple computers.

A suite of productivity-focused Windows utilities from Microsoft and the open source community, including a tiling window manager, a batch renamer, an image resizer, and a quick launcher, with more to come.

Many system utilities for Windows over the years from Microsoft, including Process Monitor and NotMyFault.

Microsoft Mathematics 4.0
A program that solves algebraic equations and does calculations. It's not the end-all-be-all of math solvers but works well for what it is.

A standalone NSF (Nintendo Sound Format) music player.

A very good batch image processing tool.

DaVinci Resolve
A surprisingly robust free video editing program from Blackmagic Design.

Incredibly fast search application. Results are practically spontaneous once your disks are indexed, and it supports several filters. (example: size:1gb.. brings up all files over 1 GB.)

A (quoted) disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool. Visualizes your filesystem and helps you see what files take up the most space in a folder or your whole drive.

A modern, cross-platform Gopher client written in Java.

Development Resources

Learn X in Y minutes
Cheat sheets for nearly every programming/markup language in existence.
Cheat sheets that you can also pull up in a terminal! Also lets you pull up solutions to more specific things, like this.

Windows Desktop UX Guide
Has a chock ton of examples of and descriptions of common things used in Windows programs. Fun to look at, even if you're not designing one.

Showcases a multitude of classless CSS frameworks. Just plug one into your <head> and your markup's completely styled. Excellent for small projects and sites.

Just for Fun

Big Brainifier
Takes fashionable antiophthalmic factor judgment of conviction and changes from each one word to its longest synonym, fashioning it to a greater extent verbose.

Uses a neural network to turn a 2D picture into 3D terrain. The results are both surreal and impressive, honestly makes me wonder how the robot apocalypse hasn't started yet.

A little tool that lets you draw and make point-and-click adventure games by linking colors to other scenes. Reminds me of using PowerPoint to make quiz games and such.

Ambient generative music by Alex Bainter, made in the style of the works of Brian Eno.

A pretty neat online drawing app with some fun brushes.

Tribute site to the freeware game Cave Story.

Often described as a mix between Factorio and the tower defense genre. Doesn't take long to grasp and tons of fun, especially in multiplayer.

TrackMania Nations Forever
A free, fast-paced racing game. Fun to race against records and online. If you've got Steam you can snag it by clicking here. If you have a modern graphics card you might need to do some compatibility fixes.

An open-source reimplementation of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 with online multiplayer support, raised limits, sandbox mode and a lot more. (Requires the original game's files.)

MultiMC 5
An excellent Minecraft launcher with separated instances and simplified mod installation.

An actively-developed, faithful reimplementation of Minecraft Classic in C and HTML5, even available on Steam.

Moonbase Alpha
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Mobile Applications

Pocket Gopher
Gopher client for Android. Does the job nicely.

Fully featured YouTube application. Supports downloading videos for later viewing, importing subscriptions from XML, and a host of other features.

Browser Games

JavaScript Snake

Inspect this Snake
Snake, played in your browser's developer tools. Brilliant.

Cook the Bacon on the Xbox, But Don't Melt the Xbox
Exactly what it says on the tin.

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