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File synchronization program that lets you sync folders across multiple computers. I personally only use it on my LAN, but supposedly you can sync over the internet too.

Nifty productivity-focused Windows utilities, including a tiling window manager and a batch renamer, with more to come.

A goldmine of system utilities spanning multiple versions of Windows ranging from very useful (Process Monitor) to just plain ridiculous (NotMyFault).

Internet radio player with a recording function and a hearty, albeit possibly out of date channel selection.

A nice Git client. Uses Electron, but it's pretty nice to use all around so I'll give it a pass.

Microsoft Mathematics 4.0
Solves equations and does calculations. Also the graphing calculator on the left looks cool.

A standalone NSF (Nintendo Sound Format) music player. I'd recommend the Gimmick! soundtrack to try it out because it slaps.

Web Rendering Proxy
Use modern websites on archaic browsers, thanks to server-side image maps and magic. And yes, it works with NCSA Mosaic.

An excellent batch image processing tool. Any kind of image enhancement effect you could think of, on a mass of photos in one fell swoop.

The search application. Can, among 7 billion other filters, take in a list of filenames and find them on your disk or in a folder instantaneously. A massive time-saver that has improved my life significantly.

A slick screenshot/screencast program. Great for quickly taking screenshots, GIFs or small-sized videos for sending in conversations.


Virtually Fun
Many musings on old technology and virtualization. Very fun to read.

Not Quite What the Doctor Ordered
Hasn't been updated in about 9 eternities, but a site I think about a lot. Pibb Xtra's the best, though... or is it Tab?

Development Resources

Learn X in Y minutes
Cheat sheets for nearly every programming/markup language in existence.
Cheat sheets that you can also pull up in a terminal! Also lets you pull up solutions to more specific things, like this.
Program in a multitude of languages in your browser. Works great for hosting small experiments, sites, webapps and even bots.

Telerik C# to VB.NET Converter
Bet you can't guess what this does!

Windows Desktop UX Guide
Has a chock ton of examples of and descriptions of common things used in Windows programs. Fun to look at, even if you're not designing one.

Datamuse API
Neat little web API that lets you find word rhymes and stuff.

Showcases a multitude of classless CSS frameworks. Just plug one into your <head> and your markup's completely styled. Excellent for small projects and sites.

Just for Fun

Big Brainifier
Takes fashionable antiophthalmic factor judgment of conviction and changes from each one word to its longest synonym, fashioning it to a greater extent verbose.

Talk to Transformer
A neural network completes your text. Leads to results that can be described as interesting at best and.. fairly disturbing at worst.

Uses a neural network to turn a 2D picture into 3D terrain. The results are both surreal and impressive, honestly makes me wonder how the robot apocalypse hasn't started yet.

A little tool that lets you draw and make point-and-click adventure games by linking colors to other scenes. Reminds me of using PowerPoint to make quiz games and such.


Browser Games

JavaScript Snake

Inspect this Snake
Snake, played in your browser's developer tools. Brilliant.

Cook the Bacon on the Xbox, But Don't Melt the Xbox
Exactly what it says on the tin.


Often described as a mix between Factorio and the tower defense genre. Doesn't take long to grasp and tons of fun, especially in multiplayer.

TrackMania Nations Forever A free, fast-paced racing game. Fun to race against records and online. If you've got Steam you can snag it by clicking here. If you have a modern graphics card you might need to do some compatibility fixes.

A full-on reimplementation of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 with multiplayer, raised limits, sandbox mode and a lot more. (Requires the original game's files.)

MultiMC 5
Have to plug this somewhere, since it's a superb Minecraft launcher with separated instances and simplified mod installation.

An actively-developed, faithful reimplementation of Minecraft Classic in C and HTML5. Still has active servers, and it's even on Steam as well!

Moonbase Alpha
aeiou john madden john madden ahhhhhhhhhh

Mobile Applications

Pocket Gopher
Gopher client for Android. Does the job nicely.

Fully featured YouTube application. Supports downloading videos for later viewing, importing subscriptions from XML, and a host of other features.

An excellent repository of Palm OS games and software.