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Pituophis Python Library for building clients and servers for the Gopher protocol
AutoSite Python Templating engine for static websites and sane people
Croissant Node.js Discord bot with gopher browsing, channel verbosity, and more
Gopherit Visual Basic .NET Gopher browser based on curl and.. Internet Explorer...
Download Organizer Visual Basic .NET Organize the files in your Downloads folder by type
Quizoot Node.js Online tool for converting exported Quizlet study sets into generated Kahoot quizzes
PhotoPage Visual Basic .NET Turn your photo albums into webpages


Chef's Hat Javascript Proof-of-concept engine for template-based web applications
doorways Javascript Possible twine-like thing of some sort
Dead Word Finder Javascript Identify "dead words" in your research paper
TZ Timezone Javascript Just a page with your timezone
pluralslib Python Use plurals correctly
Neohitz Node.js Neocities hit counter
TracMan MIT App Inventor Hacky 611-611 frontend for Tracfone users
Coin Walker MIT App Inventor Walking gamification concept
never ogre special edition Visual Basic 6 Sound cues/music player
ASCII Player Lazarus Play videos in ASCII with mplayer
Roam Lua Sandboxy text adventure game thing