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Reviews of products from places like Dollar Tree and Five Below. Some of these products were purchased a while ago and may not be available anymore.

Boombox Mini Speaker

Retro Mini Portable Stereo Speakers
$1 - Dollar Tree

Bought this speaker so I could listen to music on a headless Raspberry Pi as an MP3 player. Unfortunately, the Pi's aux output is really quiet so I wasn't really able to use it that much. It's overall what you'd expect from a cheap speaker. The 3.5mm plug folds out, which is neat. You'd probably be better off using internal speakers, but if there isn't anything else, it could work.

Micro USB Dock

$1 - Dollar Tree

Well, it charges my phone, for one thing. Actually not that many complaints here. Although, it'd be nice if I could use my own Micro USB cable, as the built in cable is on the short side. Also, the port seems oddly tall, and my phone kind of wobbles on it.

Auxilary Cable

$1 - Dollar Tree

The one I got was threaded which is a nice touch, and works just fine from what I've used of it. No complaints here.

Multi-Color Bulb with Remote

multi-color bulb w/ remote
$5 - Five Below

Jealous of those people with Phillips Hue lightbulbs? Now you can have all of the excitement of turning a lightbulb on and off again over infrared for as little as $5! Installation into a lamp was the same as any lightbulb. The actual range of the lightbulb isn't that impressive or practical, and the white color looks more blue-ish. The remote doesn't come with a battery so you'll need to run over to the dollar store to get one.