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ASCII Player (linux) (lazarus) (source code)

mplayer frontend for the purpose of playing video files with an ASCII filter. (aa for black and white, or caca for color) Written in Pascal/Lazarus.

Make sure you have mplayer installed.


Download Linux Binary + Source (3/19/2018)

Download Organizer (windows) (vb .net) (source code)

Move files of the same type in your downloads folder to their own folders. My first attempt at a WPF application.


Download Windows Binary + Source (3/22/2018)

Image Tag Generator (python) (source code)

3-lined Python script to generate IMG tags for every file in a folder.

Screenshot of Python script

View Python source (save as a .py file)

never ogre special edition (windows) (vb6) (source code)

VB6 music/sound cues player. In order to play more formats (webm etc) you'll probably need to install a codec pack for Windows Media Player. I haven't tried these, so I don't know if they will work with the Windows Media Player component used in this program.


Download Windows Binary + Source (3/18/2018)

Coin Walker (android) (app inventor) (source code)

Application that uses your device's pedometer to increase a coin count. Leveling up takes more coins the more you obtain.

Download APK (3/17/2018)

Download App Inventor Project AIA (3/17/2018)

App Inventor Gallery (+ source)

PhotoPage (windows) (vb .net)

Create web pages to display your pictures.

Download (HockeyApp, 9/18/2017)