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Best experienced with a 256 color display.

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12/7: Here's an interesting thought; what if someone from the future showed up on IRC? Would we be able to tell? He'd probably just ask for the date every day, lol.

12/5: Each day we're creeping closer to Y2K, so if I get locked out of the site at least you'll know why! I just hope my mixer survives...

12/3: I was at the mall today and saw a guy in a "" shirt. What does it mean?

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Next Game: Midtown Madness

When: 12/12, meet in the Zone chatroom at 6:00 PM CST.

Last Game, 12/1: Great game of SimCity 2000 Network everybody! I almost got myself bankrupt but it fared out well in the end. >> Download City


Last week: Q: What year was Fortran created? A: 1957

This week's question: When was the first version of Visual Basic released? See you next week with the answer!

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