>Fading Through The Door...

Part One: Fading Through The Door...

By: Emily Entwistle

"Emily, come on. Don't be stupid." Sarah commanded towards her friend. "We all know that what you call 'flash in the pan' groups are, like, so much better than some weird old group from the sixties with a weird name."

Emily disagreed so much she was starting to get angry. "No, no, NO! The Monkees are better than the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, and 98 Degrees COMBINED! What's more, they've lasted over 30 years. The songs stand up for themselves." With that, Emily slammed the door and left. How would Sarah understand exactly what the Monkees meant to her?

Once home, the blasting "Monkees Anthology" CD did little to comfort Emily. The Monkees had absolutely no idea that she even existed, and yet Emily loved them so much. She looked at the numerous Monkees pictures on her wall and sighed, "If only, if only..."

The very next day, Emily and Sarah had made up, and Sarah (along with their friends Rachel and Kimi) met at Emily's house. "Emily, you are so obsessed, it's almost scary..." Kimi trailed off.

"I know, I love it," came the quick reply. Sarah, Rachel, and Kimi groaned as Emily put "More Of The Monkees" into the CD player."Oh, come on guys, give it a chance," insisted the hyper redhead.

"Only if you make me," was Sarah's bitter reply. Emily giggled, but then her mouth dropped open. Why was her closet (also plastered with Monkees' pictures) glowing? Kimi, naturally curious, opened it, and soon the vacuum created by the strong winds sucked them in. Time stopped, erasing anything that had ever proved the four girls' exsistence.

Somehow among the deafening wind, "Hold On, Girl" was still heard, and the four teens took it to heart, and screamed. Where were they? What had happened? The most frightening question, however, was what was going to happen?


"Ooohhhhhh, I'm so HUNGRY..." grumbled Micky as he attempted to raid the barren-desert-of-a-refrigerator.

"Well, if we made some money, maybe we could BUY some food. If we made some money," retorted the tall, Texan Michael Nesmith.

Davy, looking for a spare nail file, opened the closet. "Yeah, that'd be-" He was drowned out by bright, flashing rainbows of colors and supersonic wind. "What the-" again, he was cut off, but this time by four screaming girls!

"Davy, have you been hiding girls in the closet again?" flatly asked Mike.

"But?-The?-What?-Gosharoony!" Micky finally managed to spit out.

Peter, who had been unusually silent, said, "Well, don't just stand there guys. Let's help them up!" Sarah, starry-eyed, was helped up by Davy, who soon turned to the same mush-for-brains as Sarah. Kimi, so nervous that she couldn't stop laughing, was ousted by Micky, who then cracked up himself. Emily, the only one seeming to know that she and her friends had fallen into the Monkees' pad, burst out into tears of joy. Peter, seeing her cry, helped her up and comforted her, unknowingly making her cry even more.

And Rachel, the only one with a brain who wasn't crying or laughing hysterically, asked very unsurelt, "Um, where are we?"

Mike, the only Monkee left, answered, "Well, brain-dead over there is Davy Jones. The guy laughing insanely is Micky Dolenz. The guy comforting your friend is Peter Tork, and I'm Michael Nesmith. But collectively, we're the Monkees, and this is our pad."

"Pad?" asked Rachel.

"Um, you know, house, apartment, living quarters, whatever you wanna call it," answered Mike ever-so-calmly and cooly. He wasn't going to let it show that he had fallen for this strange girl from God-knows-where already. When Emily finally stopped crying, Kimi and Micky ceased their laughter, and Sarah and Davy realized that there were other people in this world besides each other, Emily introduced her friends.

"Uh, hey guys. Although you don't know us, I know you, and I'll explain later. But, um, I'm Emily Entwistle, this here is Sarah Kirkpatrick, this is Kimi Timmons, and this is Rachel Fallon." Mike introduced everyone again, and Emily kept rubbing her eyes, unsure if this was a dream or not.

"Are you okay?" asked Micky.

"Um, yeah," Emily answered. "Could one of you guys pinch my arm to make sure I'm not asleep? Thanks, Mike. OUCH! Well, I guess I'm awake!"

"Say, have you guys got a place to stay, wherever you came from? If not, you could stay here, in the pad!" offered Peter, ever so graciously.

"Would we LOVE to!" Emily excitedly agreed.

Kimi promised, "We'll explain everything tomorrow morning. What do ya say we get some sleep?" The boys showed the girls where they could sleep, and left them.

The next morning, Kimi woke up to the smell of coffee, and walked out to the kitchen to see Micky's grinning face. He indicated for her to remain quiet, for everyone else was still sleeping. "Come on, we'll go to the store and buy you some other clothes and a bathing suit, and go to the beach!" He left a note so that Peter wouldn't worry, and the two scrambled off.

The beach was truly beautiful early in the morning. It was quiet, almost wistfully, and undoubtably peaceful. "Come on, let's swim!" urged Micky. Kimi thought that the water was wonderful, just calm and warm, yet cold enough to cool you down. They laughed and swam, enjoying each other's company to it's fullest extent.

When Micky and Kimi got back to the pad, everything was in full swing. It was obvious that the other girls went shopping with the other three Monkees. Rachel looked (as usual) cautious in the new outfits. Sarah, kind of spooked, had bought the most modest miniskirt made. Emily relished in the lush fabric, decking out the most lucratively. She felt "at home" with the funny fashions. The guys were all secretly thinking that the girls looked spectacular, and were glad that they had fallen through the closet. Emily, pretty much the leader of the girls' group, started to unravel the tale, "Well, um, we're from the year 2000. I totally love you guys and all of your music. Rach, Kimi, and Sarah weren't that big of fans until yesterday, when we fell through. Well, my closet started shooting weird colors, Kimi opened it up, and we were sucked into your world. And that's the straight story." The guys looked at each other for a second, and the silence was so thick that you could cut it with a knife.

The knife was Peter, who simply remarked, "Wow." His small apprehension was so true, it made everyone laugh, just as he had planned it to. Now that the tension was gone, Mike, Rachel, Sarah, Davy, Micky, and Kimi decided to go back to the beach. Peter and Emily had the pad to themselves.

"The dummy part, you do it all on purpose, don't you?" inquired Emily.

"Well, keep it a secret amongst yourself, because the guys need a dummy in the group. A scapegoat. Someone to groan to without criticism." Peter answered.

"Why, Peter? How can you pull it off without going crazy?" Emily hoped that she didn't sound obnoxious with all of her questions. She was merely curious.

"All requirements of a good actor, my dear." He was so pleasantly sweet, Emily couldn't resist laughing. She had to tell him now, or else she may never have another oppurtunity so ripe.

"Peter, back in the 90's, I fell in love with you without knowing why. Your records, pictures, everything of you - I had it. But now I see that it was all worthless, all nothing compared to knowing you. Maybe I'm rushing this a bit, but... I'm afraid I've fallen in love with you."

Peter, overjoyed, said, "Oh, Emily, I love you too! I just wasn't sure if you were ready, I wasn't sure if you wanted our love. But now that I know, I'm just enthusiastic to be with you." With that, the two star-crossed lovers embraced and kissed.

Peter and Emily raced to the beach. They just had to be alone by that crystal-clear water. Kimi and Micky went on a double-date (as friends) with the romanitcally inclined Davy and Sarah, who had been going out since the first time they met. Rachel and Mike were cruising around in the Monkeemobile, the radio blaring. Rachel was having difficulty focusing on much of anything because she was so busy with all of the thoughts jumping through her mind: Does he like me? Do I love him? How can we carry on here with everything in 2000? Mike, also forgetting his voice, thought intensely on how to talk to her, what to say to her, even if she didn't feel the same way that he did. But before either of them knew it, they were back at the pad as if nothing happened, because nothing had. If they both felt like this, why were the words so hard to say?

Late that night, the girls were talking amongst themselves. Sarah babbled incessantly about what she and Davy had done that day. Emily, unormally silent, reflected on her revealing day with Peter, and kept to herself. Kimi, not knowing how to describe her feelings for Micky, was just starting to make up words. "I... I... 'mijacogeo' him? What can I say? I 'narf' him? I 'noddle' him? I 'gleeb' him? Hey... I gleeb him! I gleeb him! What a great word! Gleeb, gleeb, gleeb, gleeb!"

Rachel tried to explain her problem with Mike to Emily. "It's... I get this vibe from him... I think I love-"

"GLEEB!" cut in Kimi. "Love, gleeb, whatever- him. But I just don't know how to tell him. I think he feels the same, but he's so deeply buried in his feelings that I can't tell... Em, what should I do?"

The first two words out of Emily's lovedazed head were not pleasant to Rachel's ears: "Tell him."

Rachel flipped. "That's my whole problem! When will the time be right for me to tell him???!!! How will I know?"

Emily simply replied, "When you two are alone, look into his eyes and tell it like it is. That's what I did with Peter!"

"But that's Peter, and this is Mike! They're so different! Do you really think Peter's so smart? As deep as Mike?"

Emily was so extremely angered by Rachel's words that she exploded, "What do you mean? Do you think that he's just a stupid dummy!? Do you?!?! Can't you see that it's all an act? They need him to be the dummy! Well, the dummy should be the dummy! Mr. Schneider should be the dummy!!!" Her angry words brought Sarah out of her Davy daze and Kimi out of her word makings. Rachel just cowered. Emily felt bad.

"I'm so sorry, guys. I don't know what came over me. I hope we didn't wake up the guys-" and in burst the four Monkees, as if on cue, running to see who was murdered. "Oh my God, guys, oh, oh, I'm so sorry to wake you up! Please forgive me!"

"It's alright," answered Mike, "so long as you four are okay." He gave a long look to them all, but a longer look to Rachel. "I guess we'd better go back to bed now. G'night, everyone," And with that, Mike and the other three Monkees left. It was well past midnight, and everyone needed sleep.

Days passed, turning into weeks. It had been officially a month since entering MCW (you figure it out). Rachel and Mike still hadn't verbalized their feelings for each other, and neither had Micky or Kimi. Starting to get restless for home, Sarah called the girls together. "We have to go back, if we can. I love the guys, but our families are just back there, frozen! If we can, we'll come back, but we gotta do what we gotta do." Emily was upset.

"But people back there are so cruel! There's pollution and there's teen pregnancies and there's terrorists!"

"But there's also our families, our other friends, and our homes," pointed out Rachel.

"I guess we've gotta tell them," sighed Kimi. "Everyone tell your own guy."

Peter was so sweet without having to act stupid when it was just him and Emily. She walked up to him. "Peter, love, my other family, in the year 2000 - I kinda miss them. I still love you, but I love them, too." Peter, Emily was lucky, fully understood Emily's pressure.

"I'll wait for you," his voice broke. They ended up crying and hugging themselves to sleep for a little nap. At least he'll wait for me, thought Emily.

Sarah strolled with Davy. Something about them being together felt so right. Sarah started, "Hun, I - I've gotta - leave today, to go back to 00." Davy was shocked and a little annoyed.

"But - but - but - why? You know I love you!"

"I love you too," she admitted, "but my mom and dad and brother are back there! And I swear I'll come back. I swear."

Tensions were not eased between Rachel and Mike. Now or never, they both thought. Now or never. "Rachel-"

"Mike-", they had both started at the same time.

"Ladies first," gushed Mike, and Rachel smiled at his joke.

"Mike, I'm afraid that my family in 2000 is calling for me, and I do love them, so I have to leave. But before I go, know that I love you, and I wish that I could meld the two things that I love the most together," Rachel was finally able to say. She felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders.

Mike must've felt that way too, for he then said, "I understand, and I love you too. Ever since I saw you I loved you, even though I didn't want to admit it. I'll always love you and wait for you." But they didn't kiss, they just simply walked on together, holding hands and smiling the widest smiles that still managed to somehow be sad.

Micky and Kimi finally had some time to themselves. Kimi didn't want to admit it, but Emily had been right about the 60's and the Monkees. She didn't want to leave, at least not right now. "Hey, hun, what's the matter? You're not your usual self," Micky told her, all the while thinking, Was it something I said? Doesn't she want to be my friend anymore?

"Mick," Kimi started, "the 60's have been a blast and all, but I've gotta finish what I started, in 2000. But, for now, will you promise not to forget me? I - I love you as a friend, babe, but I've gotta go back." Micky, a little dumbfounded, started to stutter.

"But- what - uh-us? T-t-together f-f-forever? Wh-what about th-that?" Kimi, not able to bear the thought, turned and ran back to the pad. She couldn't let him see her cry; it would reveal too much of her, too soon.

Later that night, Mike gave a "One, two-" and the Monkees started to play "Hold On, Girl". Emily, Rachel, and Sarah all tearfully hugged the four Monkees, but Kimi wasn't able to make eye contact with anyone, not even the three other girls. The closet started to glow, and, just like before, Kimi opened it and was first to be pulled through, but this time she wanted it this way. Rachel, then Sarah both left, but waved their last goodbyes. And Emily, she walked in backwards so that she could still face the guys while leaving. She started to cry, and her sobs echoed throughout time. She didn't want to leave.


The girls came back to a world that they had once known, across the country in New York. Her room was just as she had left it, the flowered bedspread and walls, the Monkees pictures and drawings and pillows. Even the CD was still playing and went to "Your Auntie Grizelda". Even their old clothes were back, and so were the responsibilities of college. Hearing Peter sing in the song, Emily once again burst into tears. Life was going to be harder, now that she'd tasted the sweet, succulent sixties.

Kimi, once again alone at her house, thought about Micky, and wondered why she hadn't tried to talk to him. She really missed him, and her work was starting to slip. Now that no one could see her, she began to weep softly. That was her blessing and her curse; not letting her feelings show only jabbed her insides to make her sick. "Micky," she sobbed, "I love you more than anything!" But no one was there to hear her cries.

Rachel couldn't concentrate on anything. She was so carried away by her love for Mike that getting her degree in photography seemed worthless. All she wanted was to be with the guys again. Now that Mike knew how she felt, it was even harder to focus. She listened to "Sweet Young Thing", but it just wasn't the same as having him sing to her and wink at her. She had even started to wear a woolhat at times, just like he did. She really missed him.

Sarah moped around her house. Absolutely nothing got to her. Even her older brother, Josh and his perky girlfriend couldn't annoy her. She had retreated into her shell, and was not going to come out. In her portable CD player, she secretly listened to the Monkees in order to avoid suspicion. No one had ever seen her cry, and no one was ever going to. Not now.


Mike was tired of seeing Micky destroy any little thing that got in his way of moping over Kimi. One time, the phone merely rang, and he threw it against the wall, muttering, "It's not like she can call me anyway." Peter made the mistake of singing "She", and Micky nearly killed him. Luckily, Peter stopped BEFORE Micky pulled a "Mike" and put his hand through the cheap, old wall. Something had to be done before the psychotic Micky killed them all.

"Mick, babe, cool down-" attempted Davy, who was lucky that he was short. He dodged Micky's swinging fist. Where were the girls when they needed them?


It had now been a month of inactivity for the girls of MCW, and it felt right to go back. Back to a world without 2000's problems, or petty political scandals. That night was the most exciting night that the girls had ever experienced since the first night of MCW. Sarah grabbed "More Of The Monkees" and jammed it into Emily's CD player. "Okay, just wait!" happily yelped Emily.

"Here come the colors and winds!" shouted Rachel as she flung open the closet door. And once again, the girls disappeared from history. How would things go this time? And would Micky and Kimi be better?


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