Happy Halloween!

So it's the 30th right now, at 9pm, but that's more than close enough to the big day for me to post this! My brothers and I spent the evening carving pumpkins. We got "novelty" pumpkins this year, which meant they were a mixture of different shapes, sizes and colours. Mine was albino, it seems! White on the outside, and white on the inside. Very curious~

Here's some photos of all the pumpkins. The big, lumpy one is Cramble's pumpkin, the smaller pumpkin is our baby brother's, and as mentioned before, the white pumpkin is mine.

Click the images to see them bigger!

Before the candles:

After the candles:

Lights out!:

(You can see where Cramble carved so deep into the pumpkin that it's all very slightly see-through now.)

On our doorstep:

Have a fun and safe night, everyone!