France Trip

On the 22nd of July, Capy headed off on a family trip to France. She stayed in a static caravan for two weeks (in boiling heat with no air conditioning :<) She also had very little access to the internet. In that mess, this page was born.

23/07/19 - 11:16pm
Arrived in France early this morning, having not slept pretty much at all during the night. Luckily, the ferry had wifi and I was able to talk to Cameron most of that time uwu. It's a strange, melancholy feeling knowing you're slowly moving further away from him. Glad I got to talk to him during the ferry trip though, wasn't expecting that. Got to hear him ramble about music and pennyverse while I was stuck awake. But even after a night of gay rambles with the badger boy, I left that boat with a bad back and zero ability to process sentences. 
We then spent 7 gotdamn hours in the car. 7 hours of sitting in a sweat box in 100f heat. Humid heat. Sticks to your skin, messes with your breathing, boils you. Was once again unable to sleep because of this heat. Felt like my insides were cooking. We also discovered two new problems!
One problem, less important, there was too many French radio stations, so our music doo-hickey couldn't find an empty enough space to work via radio, so we had to plug it in with an aux cable. Which was fine except we'd never done that before and it seemed to make our music play 100% quieter. Volume 46 instead of 12 kind of quiet. A very upsetting problem when you've been awake for 20 hours.
Second problem, far, far worse. There's an issue with our data. The data on my mother and I's phones isn't working, meaning the majority of my opportunity to use the internet is gone. AKA I cannot talk to Cameron. And that is really, really not fun. I miss my boyyyyy. Though IRC is set up so I'll find some way to use it. Find an internet cafe of some kind. umu
I also forgot my phone charger but that's no biggie bc I just stole one from my dad.
On a more positive note, here's an mspaint doodle I did earlier, ~inspired~ by how vibrant the local foliage looks in this unrelenting sunlight. You have no idea how difficult to use the mixture of mspaint and my tablet connected to my laptop is. But! I like greens and bright colours so I'm happy with it.

Tonight and tomorrow night, my grandparents are staying with us, so it'll be less relaxed than I'd like it to be.  But after that, they're heading back to the UK and we'll have this caravan/cabin to ourselves. All of the hell heat for ourselves. umu
I'm super tired rn so I'm gonna try to sleep despite the fact that everything is sticking to my skin and I wish I had access to discord real bad.
Have a capybara I just made
           _ _
          | |_|____,
         /  u       '
        /  ///     \_|  <(I love badger boys! <3)
       '            w/
       |        ,---'
     _/          |
   -'            |
 /             /|
|             | |
|    /__   \  |_|

24/07/19 - 4:25pm --- I think it's slowly sinking in that this is going to be my life for the next two weeks. I'll never get used to being this sweaty though. And holy fuck please lord give me internet. umumumu Also it's so very warm here, the most my laptop can cope with is windows media player, everything else runs a little funny. wmm Notepad++ is luckily perfectly functional so I've had that open the whole time. Other than that, just have to be careful, take breaks with it and preferably use the laptop outside, though that relies on it being dark enough for me to see the screen, which is only ever during the evening. Having been up since 8:30am, I am very tired, very done. It's near the end of the hottest part of the day and it's really, really bad. It's not as bad as yesterday, and it should be cooling a little during the week, but my fucking god it's humid. We don't have air conditioning, we don't have nearly enough water, standing up hurts and sitting down is gross. umu We've been out all day so far and just got back. Mostly just my grandparents pointing out beaches (oh joy...) and wandering about a supermarket, which pleased my autism. Also, was rather hype to hear about the existance of an internet cafe. Golly I hope we get to go there tomorrow perhaps. I really, really need to get online. Even if I just have to send an email. I gotta. On a more positive note, sorbet is nice. And I've been working on Madeleine's toyhouse bio when I've had the time to do so. Hoping to get that done during these two weeks. While I miss the internet, cold air and privacy dearly. --- 11:39pm: --- The data situation is completely borked, none of the phones are working correctly. My only hopes now are internet cafes and free wifi at mcdonalds. Should be going somewhere with wifi tomorrow, hopefully. *stares longingly at IRC* It's still too warm, but I wanted to mention that I was able to lie in my bed tonight without immediately sweating. It's heating up a little but not as much as it was, so I count that as a win. Should be getting cooler in general, thank the lord. Yes, yes I am very white. Rather British, also. The sun is scary Have another capybara. _ _ | |_|____, / o ' / \_| ?! ; C/ ; ,---'----_, | / \ | ' \ | | | _| , | \ / \ /_____\ | | | | / \ | \ \ | | | | _| / \ | //_| /||\ //_/ /||\
25/07/19 - 5:40pm heeeeeeeeee got to talk to Cammy for an hour or so, managed to nag my parents into going to an internet cafe uwu. Helped calm some nerves on both sides, and we got to ramble a little about pennyverse, so all in all very, very good. Hopefully I can get my parents to do that again at least a couple times before the holiday ends. It's the most fun I've had this whole time. It was super early in the morning for him, about 6:40am, but he had woken up because of nervous energy, so I'm very lucky I got to talk to him! I was expecting him to still be sleeping, was in the midst of writing an email when he appeared online. I think it's fate uwu Apparently I was "visibly happier" after getting online. Golly, parents, I've no idea why~ Because I'm feeling a little soft now, have a favourite song of mine, by the lovely Vashti Bunyan; Overall, other than that, the weather seems to be cooling, which is appreciated. Currently lying in my bed and not in a pool of sweat so I count that as a win. It'll probably get hotter now but hhhh I'll enjoy this while I can. I feel like I'm gonna get eaten by ants before this holiday is over. umu --- 11:29pm --- Speaking to Cameron really inspired me to get some writing done. I've mostly finished Madeleine's bio, though I'm sure I'll be fiddling with that as the holiday goes on. I've also been writing other stuff, but we'll see how that goes. Other than that, just wanna get one or two art fight attacks done on paper so I can photograph them then upload the next time I get wifi going. All go over here! uwu We're going to a lighthouse tomorrow, 20 flights of stairs. Getting some cardio in, at least. And, joy of all joys, it should be raining tomorrow! I've never been so delighted by rain. Thank the lord for water pouring from the sky. --- 11:59pm --- I hear thunder! 0w0 ..better sleep though. Have a tiny capy comic __n __n |_' \__, (hey!)>|_0 \__, | \ | \ ||/-\\| ||/-\\| n__ __n ,__/ '_|<(?) |_; \__, <(uhh..) / | | \ |//-\|| ||/-\\| n__ __n ,__/ '_| |_' \__, <(wassup?) / | | \ |//-\|| ||/-\\| n__ (the) __n ,__/ ^_|<(sky!)|_- \__, <(oh no..) / | | \ |//-\|| ||/-\\| bonus! __nn d|_^ | ~dancing queen~ \\_/ \\ ~young and sweet~ / // //|| // ||
26/07/19 - 11:45am --- Hewwo, I just woke up like ten minutes ago, and after waking up at 8am every morning before this, I welcome it. It stormed like all hell last night, which is nice now, with some much appreciated cool air and rain noise which reminds me of home, but last night it was really gotdamn scary. I was awake to hear the storm start in the distance and surprisingly quickly arrive at the caravan, rain and thunder and wind that shook the whole van. Also we got hail, which on a metal roof is very very loud. So at about 4am last night I was lying there in my bed, room shaking, unable to hear anything but the THUD THUD THUD of hail above me, cold air coming in through the window. Was... exciting.... Before that, the electric sockets were making a fizzing, whistling noise, which was also very curious. I unplugged all my stuff just in case. Electricity is spooky. BUT, now it's a comfy temperature, I can lie under a blanket without dying. I'm sure the people in tents are very upset though. Muahahahaha, that's what you get, you strange tent-loving people. --- 2:03pm --- It's raining, it's rather cold, we've decided to have a ~lazy day~ where we stay in the caravan and eat biscuits. AKA, perfect weather for talking to my boyfriend. Yet here I am, no wifi, no data. Alooooooone. umu --- 11:45pm --- Lazy day went alright, I guess. Wasn't exactly as productive as I'd hoped but I spent an unfortunate amount of the day moping about the lack of internet. Other than that, I did get one bit of writing done, which I'm pleased about. And, like I said I would, I've been editing the Madeleine thingy a little too. Otherwise I've just been napping and playing Tomodachi Life, which by the way, is a comfy game. I reset my save on there and started again, though right now I quietly regret it. Second time I've done it though, and I got over it last time, so all good. Just hoping we go somewhere with wifi tomorrow, I'm getting Cammy withdrawal, if I'm being honest. It's gonna be so good once this holiday is over and I get to go back home and draw nice digital things, talk to my boy all of the time. Also ate some sausage today, was good. Have a sleepy capybara z __ ______-----__. z _-----/ /-/ / \ / _ / | ; |__ __\ __\ / \_________//____/__//____/
27/07/19 - 5:51pm --- The highlight of today has been going to McDonalds, to give you an idea of how action-packed this holiday has been so far. To be fair, McDonalds did mean free wifi, which meant brief contact with Cammy. Not enough time to ramble but I'm very glad I got to talk to him nonetheless. Sent him a long, gay email too. uwu My brother got into language and language history like a week before we headed off on holiday and now there's no fuckin escape from him rambling about english's romantic and germanic heritage and how middle english gradually turned to modern english. Very interesting but after a week of it, I am very done. Also the indepth explanations of how to make a 3d cube using python or whatever. Do what I do and quietly partake in your spergery by yourself. Much less annoying. Otherwise, I have a searing headache so I might have a nap. Living the high life, man. Very powerful. --- 10:10pm --- Very sleepy day methinks. I napped earlier and I'm already sleepy again. Must be how cloudy it is. Plus I'm so much comfier now it isn't 100 degrees all damn day. I've been okay productivity-wise. Doodled a bunch in my lil sketchbook and did some editing with my writing. Otherwise I just... napped. Going home on the 5th and that's all I can really think about. Will try to get some photos of things tomorrow, have some photographic evidence that I've actually been here. And it is rather pretty, might as well enjoy it. Pretty fuckin sick of rich food, the French put sugar in everything. Give me salt, goddammit. Very aware of my journal entries getting smaller, but I'm trying to not repeat myself too much. Sad about internet situation, missing Cameron, missing Somnolescent, it's warm, I have no space, French people are strange, the usual.... Another capybara, this time partially submerged. _ _ _____/_)/ ) <(gotta love a good swim) , u \ ' /// \ |__/ \ \|_/ |---------------, '---, \ =================================== -----------------------------
28/07/19 - 4:16pm --- This time next week, I'll be packing to leave. Some mad rush trying to get the caravan clean, preparing for another 7 hour car trip across france, a 5-6 hour ferry trip and then my data should be back to normal. All good. Gonna have a good amount to show for my time here at least. Doodles and writing and photos! Gonna be so good to get back. Two weeks is too much time to be away for. On that note, I am getting increasingly sick of my family. I do enjoy spending time with them but we're all housed so closely together, I get no reset period. It's just constant noise and people moving and talking all of the time. It gets very, very tiring after a while. --- 7:00pm --- Went to several beaches today, we were deciding which ones were worth visiting properly and which ones were a bit crap. I better note down to look up the "pillboxes" on this one beach. Some war defence thingy-ma-bob. Sounded very interesting. Apparently they inspired the invention of the flamethrower. People hiding in the pillbox, you can't get in, they can't get out, pour in something flammable, makeshift person oven! A terrifying idea. The weather at the moment has been pretty nice, been far less muggy and humid since it rained the other day. Still pleasantly warm though. Sadly warm enough to need sun cream... *gags* I'm so incredibly bored all of the time now. Listening to the same 80 songs over and over again, looking at random files on my laptop. I occasionally get inspiration to write or draw something, and I've gotten some amusment from Tomodachi Life, but otherwise I'm just losing it. Have this axolotl that made me laugh earlier. AAAAAAA And to be fair, I have gotten a lot done. The Madeleine bio is pretty much done, I did one or two art fight thingies, they're only pencil but whatever, content is content. Considering writing a Catherine bio? Though I'm not sure how much I could fill in for that. Going to eat a traditional French meal of many much meats for dinner. Oui oui oui. --- 9:00pm --- Had a little go at writing Catherine's bio, still one or two areas I have to fill in, and I'll edit as I go. It's always a curious experience trying to get the ideas I have in my head out into words. Spent a long time relying on Cammy but my boy has other things to write <:3c. It's good practice, anyhow. I wanna draw and write. Become more and more powerful as the days go on! >:3c Halfway through the holidayyyyy I'm running out of ideas for ascii capybaras, how terrible. _ _ ,____|_| | <(how very comfy!) ' o \ |_/ \ ________ \w '-;' ____ ' '---, / / \ \ | / | | | | | __\ ___\ ___\ / //__//________/_///________/
29/07/19 - 2:27pm --- Homesickness is hitting hard today. The urge to get back to my computer and back online and back talking to Cammy is overwhelming. I'd gone to the internet cafe this morning but obviously it wasn't a viable time to talk to Somnolians, was like 4am when I was online. So I sent off an email and replied to some notifications on Art Fight. Just achy and miserable at this point. Words cannot describe how little I want to go to the beach. I guess just that feeling of "so close yet so far" has bitten me, frustrating with my parents insisting on visiting the internet cafe in the morning, meaning the likelyhood of people being online is extremely low. 10am, too, which is like the least likely time people will be online. Beyond frustrating. And if we'd arrived an hour or so later, maybe I would've just caught him but no, the internet cafe gets busy in the afternoon, you see! Despite us going there in the afternoon last time and it being totally dead. Beyond frustrating. Apologies if I'm not getting in the ~holiday spirit~ but there's only so much I can take. I don't enjoy the beach. I just don't! Weird textures and sun cream and people looking at me and shame. No thankyouuuuu. --- 9:55pm --- Have now been to the beach, I can tick that off my list. Sand is just as unpleasant as I was expecting. When you've got suncream on, it's impossible to avoid getting sand stuck on you. Feels super gross. Also as expected, we were the palest people for as far as the eye could see. Absolutely glowing in the sun. But, I did get to swim in the sea, which was neat. Haven't done that since I was about 9 years old I think. Sea water is unforgiving, sucks all the moisture out of you and makes your hair go funny. But other than that, it was fun, until you gotta get out and get in the SAND. umu Zoo tomorrow, that should be good. Gonna make a beeline straight for the capybaras, watch me. Caby stares autistically at the capybaras for 5 hours while everyone else looks at everything else. Capyyyyys. We're also going back to the internet cafe on Wednesday, which I have warned Cammy about, so maybe he'll be online then. It will be super early for him so it's all good if he's not but a bit of me is hopeful <:3c I miss him really, really bad. Have a capybara that's almost as sleepy as I am _ _ ,____|_| | Z ' - \ z |_/ \_____----\--_ \- \ _\__ \ <--wearing a '---, | / | \ \ blanket uwu | |______/__| | \___ ___\ __\ / /__/_______/_///______/
30/07/19 - 8:43am --- Woke up at like 5am this morning, and then didn't get back to sleep again. Just kinda lay there and daydreamed for a bit. Then I played with Tomodachi Life again. It was mildly amusing. Not as enjoyable as a full night's sleep but I take what I can get. Like I said last night, we're supposed to be going to the zoo today, but we're already kinda late getting ready. Supposed to be ready to go by now but people are just starting to wake up. Because it's ~raining~. Gosh, spend a week in France and suddenly Welsh people are complaining about rain. Nefi blw. Still wanna see capybaras. --- 4:36pm --- I saw capybaras! There was only two of them and they were right at the back of the enclosure, being intimidated into a corner by a large bird, but I sure saw them! Other notable animals were tigers, otters and fennec foxes. I just sort of yelled "big boy!" without thinking when I saw a tiger, the otters were wriggly little doofs and the fennec foxes lost their minds over popcorn. Also they had cool eyes, Also learnt that apparently tigers can be silent on pretty much any kind of ground because they've got such big, bappy paws. Kaplan is big, fluffy and you can't hear her sneak up behind you >:3c My parents got my hopes up earlier that we'd go to the internet cafe afterwards but then we didn't and now I am very annoyed. Another day without Somnol contact. And it's only like 5pm. Still ages until I can sleep. And if I do sleep I'm sure to wake up at 5am again. Another slow, boring, slightly frustrating day. HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Just want to go home. --- 6:31pm --- Still just want to go home. Another two and a half hours until I can try to sleep and I know I won't be able to. And then I'll wake up at 5am again. I shouldn't be so moody, the zoo was alright. Just frustrating that I thought we were going to the internet cafe when we weren't. Subconciously looking forward to talking to Cameron and then having that taken from me, I guess. --- 8:24pm --- Feeling a little better, having written more gay shit. It's kinda amusing how much I've written at this point that only Cameron's ever gonna be able to read. Thousands of words. Mostly written this holiday. I'll get more public-friendly stuff done too, hopefully. It's just comfier to write for Cammy <:3c If I add the pennyverse stuff and the gay stuff together, overall I've written more than 3000 words this holiday, and that's excluding the bios and of course this journal. This page is getting gotdamn long now. Many much rambles. This evening I'm gonna draw some sketchy things of three more art fight people, I downloaded the refs beforehand, being vaguely smart sometimes uwu. Then I'll post them tomorrow and be pleased by the fact I managed 30 art fight attacks despite not being there for the last two weeks. 30's a good number methinks. --- 10:35pm --- All the drawings are done, none are fantastic but whatever. Pencil sketches are pencil sketches umu. I'm sorely out of practice at the moment, too. Been focusing a lot on digital so I'm not as good as I was. But I think I've still got it, just about. Will try to do more traditional once I get home. Digital is just so much more conveniant. But traditional is comfier so I wanna keep that going. Internet cafe tomorrowwwwww. Maybe Cammy will be online, if he is, it's conversation time, if not, all good, I'll upload the art fight attacks and check email anyhow. Just really hope he's on, is all. Miss himmmm. All of my Tomodachi people have gone to sleep so I'm gonna go do that too. Feeling a little sleepy. Still no doubt I'll wake up at 5am though. Can't seem to sleep for very long in this bed. Miss my own bed. Have two capybaras being intimidated by a large bird. ?? <0| __n n__ ||---/ |_0'\__ _/'0_| \_\_/ | / \ /_ | / | ||/-\|\\|__|||\ _/ _|
31/07/19 - 1:56pm --- Hhhhhh got to talk to Cammy again. Very very glad. Lovely bastard staying up to like 6am to talk to me. And Borb too! Got to talk to Borb a little as well. All very appreciated. Got gay rambles with Cammy and art rants with Borb. Good times. Nearly got kicked out of the internet cafe for my troubles. Turns out two hours on one glass of coke isn't the done thing. Oh well. I got some shit downloaded, some shit uploaded, and I now officially got 30 art fight attacks done and posted. Now back to slowly missing everything more and more and remembering shit I should've got done while I was there. Will be back on Friday, hopefully. And then on Monday we head home! :> We have the rest of today to get through, uhhh Aquarium tomorrow I think, then more internet the day after, then weekend, then home! So soon now. Every day is gonna go painfully slowly, I can feel it. About to head off to see a lighthouse. Gonna walk up 20 flights of stairs for funsies. If I don't die before I reach the top, I'll take some photos of the view. --- 7:38pm --- I have now been to the top of the lighthouse. It was very high up. Got one or two photos from the top but it was unnerving so I was concentrating more on holding my phone very tight as to not drop it a million storeys. There was several flights worth of a spiral staircase that took about ten minutes to get up, then this tiny little ladder through a cramped tunnel to get to the viewing platform. So if a fear of heights doesn't get you, a fear of cramped spaces may do you in. I also got some neat photos of trees, which was nice. Been a severe lack of cool tree photos so far this holiday. The trees here are a little different from the ones at home, it's neat to see. Not quite as alien as the trees in Italy but still pretty strange. Far more spikey and suited to dry climates than the trees at home, no surprise there. And golly talking to Cammy really does cheer me up. Feeling much better today. Kinda looking forward to the Aquarium, maybe I'll get some neat photos. Quietly hoping it's not as busy as the zoo but I'm not expecting much. There shall be many angry, disapproving French people staring at us, as usual. Horrified by my pale visage. Whatever, there maybe more Cammy on Fridayyyy <:3c --- 11:14pm --- Been just kinda.. lounging around the rest of this evening. Being comfy and thinking about things. Thoroughly missing the internet, missing my Cammy, missing Somnolescent. Getting a lot of comfort from the fact that I'm coming home rather soon now. Four more full days then I'm heading home on Monday. And I might be able to talk to Cameron on Friday so that'll also be thoroughly appreciated. After that, two more days of nothingness, probably cleaning the caravan, then I get to go home!! Seven hours of driving, if we don't get horribly lost, then six-ish hours on the ferry and a couple more hours of driving in the UK and we're hoooome. I'll be exhausted but not exhausted enough to stop me from being all soft and gay >:3c I've already said this, probably, but there should be wifi on the ferry, so I might be able to chat while I'm on there. If not, data'll work once I'm back in Britain, get to talk to Cammy using that. And golly, getting back home at around 10:30pm, prime time for Discord. It'll be good to be back, it really will be. Also, change of plan, no Aquarium, we're going to the beach instead. I sighed at this but apparently it's a rocky beach. Less half-naked people sunbathing and more poking about in rock pools. Sounds good to me. Pictured: A capybara having a better time on a sandy beach than I. Sunhat included. _\ | /_ _ (_) _ _/_\_ / | \ _|u-_| /_ | --|__|\||------=~~~~~~ / ~ ~
01/08/19 - 12:30pm --- Probably the laziest day yet. I haven't even got dressed so far. We're supposed to be going to the beach but the weather isn't great so my parents are just watching tv right now. I would still like to leave the caravan at some point. Perhaps to mcdonalds again? Gimme wifi! But the beach does sound kinda neat, I like peeking at rock pools. Clambering over rocks and looking at the sealife. All good fun. Have another song. This time by uhhh, Bleachers? I can't look it up, I have no internet :< --- 6:27pm --- My last entry was at half past midday here, and this one is at half past midday where Cammy is. Timezones are strange like that. Anyway, I have now been to the beach. It reminded me more of a Welsh beach, all rocky and climby. Much preferred to me. Got some neat photos of the rocks, of the ocean, of these little fishing houses that overhang the coast. Might try to build one in somnocraft once I get back home. There was also this pool dug out in the rock by the tide that a small underground tunnel connected to the sea, so it swirled and splashed in a whirpool. Very neat. My legs are rather tired now, there was a lot of clambering to do. The holiday is definitely winding down now, we're doing less and less. I'm getting very tired now, getting tired much earlier. There's just so little to do that I end up just sleeping. Was never any good at that but I've been doing it more while I've been here. Been decently productive this holiday, which I'm pleased about. Haven't drawn as much as I'd like to but it feels a bit weird to draw in such new surroundings. Skin gets dry and then the paper feels rough and nasty. But I have got some doodling done, excluding those art fight thingies. All pencil stuff, pretty much, it's been too warm to use my graphics tablet. My poor laptop can barely cope with that thing in welsh weather, but here, it's overheating at the best of times, let alone while trying to run another piece of hardware. --- 8:53pm --- Slowly realising how much cider I've drank this holiday. It's nice cider. Fruity. Remove me from the internet and I drink! How terrible. Not enough to get drunk though, I must say. I drink it for the taste, and because it's still super fuckin warm here and I must hydrate. Also, been working on the Alien section of my site again, after a million years of it not being a thing. Torrone Morbido shall finally have a home. What I've written so far has been fun. I think it'll be a fun section. Just working on the creative side of things at the moment, I'll put together little information bundles on alien sightings and cryptids and such once I get a good connection to the internet again. And I'll draw graphics once I'm back at my main PC. It'll be good, methinks. A fun little addition to my site. uwu Internet cafe tomorrow, I think. I hope. I emailed Cammy about it so we better. Then it's Saturday, then Sunday, then hoooooome! Home! With all my ~content~. Gonna be good, gonna be so good. To feel the alien-y vibes while I work, I played around with my desktop. High contrast mode may have been made for people with poor eyesight, but to me, it's hacker mode. hacker My time says 3pm because it's set to EST, just so you know. Because I'm a dweeb. Mmmh, can't wait to get home. Being without any internet access is such a handicap. I can't look up anything. Unless I can remember it or already have it in my files, I can't do anything. Was frantically saving images last time I was in the internet cafe. Anything I can remember needing at some point, I downloaded. I hate forgetting then having to go without. More internet tomorrow hopefullyyyy. Have an alien capybara! _Vn (take me to your leader!)>|_8 \___ | \ ||/-\||
02/08/19 - 5:20pm --- I did indeed get to talk to Cammy, for a little longer than usual, too, I think. We went to a different internet cafe and it was much friendlier. Very much appreciated. Got to be very gay, as gay as you can be sat in public. uwu I also downloaded a bunch of miis to put on Tomodachi Life. I now have Garfield and Pac Man on my island. As well as Amaterasu who is legally required to be on all of my Tomodachi islands. It'll fill up a lil more. Can't imagine having 100 islanders though, that's crazy. Who has that many friends and/or characters they want on their island? Madness. Have a summery caby pixel. Can you tell I'm getting very bored now? LEG Looks almost Pokemon trainer sprite-ish, methinks. I feel like these journal entries are gonna get very, very short from now on, nothing new really to report. Just kinda faffing about until I can go home. Can't wait to get home. Internet, indoor plumbing, cold weather, all that good shit. France is nice but I prefer Wales, personally. --- 12:18am --- I'm on a roll with these pixels. Have my main three lads from Pennyverse. Colours are guessed because I don't have any colour refs at hand and also my laptop screen can display like half the colours my pc monitor can, so I have no idea how these'll look on a proper screen. They're uh, recognisable at least. uwu trio mmmm gotta sleep now. Home soooooon. Home so soon. Two more days. Then HOME. Golly. No capybara today, because I did pixels. I think that's a fair trade-off.
03/08/19 - 11:11am --- Oh yesterday I neglected to mention, it's Pennyverse month this month! Which is why I did that pixel up there. Gonna dedicate some good time to drawing and writing our good lads. We're also gonna flesh out their bios and such. So the Madeleine and Catherine bios are for Pennyverse month too, I guess. It's gonna be good! Some of our lads have been rather neglected as of late. Gonna be nice to give them some attention. Gonna go look at some old buildings now. --- 2:32pm --- I have now looked at old buildings. It was a fortified town.. I don't know how to spell the name. But it was very neat. We walked along the outer wall, you can see for miles over this flat farmland. Many much cows were seen. Got some neat photos, I feel like they could be inspiration for something or other. What was also interesting was the buildings within the town itself, very much old-fashioned French architecture. There was also a very old ice room, and a tunnel out onto a dock. Though the sea is now like 15 miles away from the town, back when it was build, it was right on the shoreline. Incredible how the tide can change so much over time. Very warm, slightly burnt and very sleepy now. Wandering in the sun tires you out so quickly. I'll eat this microwave pasta and then maybe have a nap. Living the party lifestyle, I am. Mmmmh, one more full day now. So close to finished now. I have many cool photos of trees to show. :> We're packing all our stuff tomorrow, they're probably going to the beach but I have had my fill of beach living, so if they do, I'm gonna stay in the caravan. Get all my stuff packed, get some doodling done maybe, write one last entry in this journal, go to sleep, then wake up tomorrow morning, rather early. Going hooooome. Should be on the ferry at about 4pm, which'll be 10am-ish over where Cammy is. So, if the ferry has wifi like the one here did, it'll be the perfect time to talk to him and the rest of Somnolescent. Gonna bring my laptop in hand so I can use that on the ferry this time around. Even if there isn't wifi, is easier to keep myself busy with my laptop than just my phone. It'll be all good. And 6 hours after that I'll have data back. Golly I can't wait. Again, France is lovely. It's been overall pretty nice weather-wise the whole time, consistent rain breaking the humidity, bright blue skies and vibrant green forests. The roads have been rather quiet and smooth, food is good, the caravan is pretty comfortable all things considered. But golly I wanna get home. Wanna sleep in my own bed and be able to use the internet without buying a 3 euro coke. Don't need any sun cream in Wales. In other news, 'Platonic Lust' would make a fun album name. --- 8:43pm --- Everyone else went to the beach and are yet to return. Being in the caravan alone is kinda spooky after a while. They should arrive back soon. Have an alien pixel. EARTH BELOW US (They came home! Caby is not alone in the caravan anymore. Also the apricot jam was eaten by ants) Have a rather uninspired capybara. _ __|_|/\ ,' /, ; 0 | <(?) |_/ | \,____./ | .__/\ | ,'__ / // \ | | | | / /\ | /__ \ \ \ \ \_______\\ _\\\ _\\
04/08/19 - 12:00pm --- Heeeeeeeee tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow I get to go home. We're currently tidying the caravan and packing stuff up. I'm already pretty much done, and my head is buzzing. I'm so hyped. Gonna be a nightmare sleeping tonight. Very much looking forward to getting back. I forgot to buy any food to eat today when we were at the supermarket so now I'm living off ice cream. My new, shocking diet. Lose 100lb in 30 seconds. That is all uwu --- 12:46pm --- Time creeps along.. as expected. umu --- 5:44pm --- We've now had dinner and a lot of the tidying and packing is done. Gonna be about 30 minutes between waking up and us leaving tomorrow morning, and golly I'm hyped. So damn hyped. Everyone else is tired from packing and sad because we're leaving but I'm positively bursting with excitement. So close to done now, man. I appreciate the experience but it's always good to go home. Gonna take a while to get to sleep but I wanna fall asleep as soon as possible. Sooner I sleep, sooner I wake up, sooner I get hooooooome. Heck yeah --- 7:25pm --- Sleep soooon. Somnolescent here I come! >:3c Have a capybara leaving. ____ |EXIT| __ |__| / _| <(goodbye!) //|/\|