Welcome to the Junk Pile! It's where I keep my general odds and ends that don't quite fit anywhere else. Anything goes 'round these parts...

Art Fight Archive - An archive of all my entries into the yearly event known as Art Fight. Big ol' art collection.

Art VS. The Internet - Brainstorming on an issue that affects me rather regularly on the modern web that's both gigantic and completely empty.

Caby Rambles - Watch as Caby attempts to string words together in a way that makes sense. If it's any good it'll probably end up on the group blog instead.

Halloween 2022 - The project I worked on for Halloween 2022!

Halloween 2021 - My Halloween 2021 page!

Halloween 2020 - A little interactive site I made for Halloween 2020!

Halloween 2019 - An illustrated short story I wrote and drew for Halloween 2019!

The Dream Journal - A modest collection of my recollections of dreams I've had. They're usually strange. *sad face*

Art Manifesto - A quick ramble about art and the meaning behind it, written in 2018 while I was in the middle of a course in an art college.

Webcomics From My Birthdate - Something I rescued from my old site, just a collection of webcomic panels that were posted the day I was born, along with their sources. Just a fun introspective on the passage of time, I guess.

Monkees Fanfiction Archive - A few Monkees fanfictions I found on Geocities archives, not written by me, obviously. Mostly from the late 90s, early 2000s.

Capybara Collection - A humble collection of capybara photos, found from random places online. Mostly just to amuse myself.

France Trip Diary - In July 2019, I spent two weeks in a caravan in France with my family. Due to some mess ups, we didn't have any internet access at home, only at occasional visits to an internet cafe. So to pass the time I wrote this diary~

mawiteaux - This thing is ancient now but it still amuses me, it's a "uwu" version of an old site design Cameron had a while back.