Off in a distant land lies a humble cottage, with white walls decorated with ivy and a thatched roof that blossoms in the Spring. Out back sits a little vegetable patch where one can grow food and herbal remedies, and beyond that is a seemingly endless forest covered in thick, green foliage. Out front of the cottage is a flower garden, full of flowers of every size, shape and colour, fragrant in the gentle breeze, accented by the sea salt smell coming from further down the coast, where you’ll find the ocean, lined with a long, thin beach of white sand and lively rock pools. The waters of this beach are clear and blue, not too warm and not too cold.

You’ll regularly see two characters around here, when they’re not off on adventures. A capybara and a badger, horribly in love by all accounts. They spend their lives in the cottage and the surrounding area, bundling up warm indoors in front of the fire in the snowy winters and wandering along the beach in the pleasant summers, scouring the rock pools for marine life.

They spend many evenings sat on a small hill overlooking the beach, watching the sun set over the horizon, leaning on each other for warmth against the cool sea air...


This here page is humbly dedicated to my wonderful badger boy, Cammy!

soft bastards
The picture that started it all~

We've been close friends since August 2018 or so, gradually learning more about one another and getting more and more comfortable in each other's company. We then became a couple on the 20th of January, 2019 after a lot of flustered autism, and we announced to the world on the 25th~

Since then we've kept each other going through thick and thin, spending many nights staying up far too late rambling about our characters and worlds, our interests, our future. Playing videogames together, voicecalling and making each other giggle~

soft bastards
Animal Crossing being one of several games we've played together as of late >w>

It's been wonderful having him by my side through all of this, I wouldn't be the person I am today without him, and I owe him a whole lot. The most understanding, patient, kind guy a girl could hope for <:3c

soft bastards
Wandering through the forest with you. Who knows, we might come across some forest spirits...

Just so damn hype for the future, all the potential we have, how fantastic together we are already, how much we're gonna kick ass when we're together in person >>:3c

He's helped me with my self confidence, he's helped me in my creative endeavours, helped me improve as a person and as an artist. Would still be entirely stuck in my shell without him.

Wouldn't trade this fluffy bastard for the world. Love you, Cammy~

soft bastards
Peace and love, man~

(And in case you're wondering, 171k discord messages and counting >w>)

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