goodbye 2020! fireworks
chrimos piggo

So I've been silent over here and pretty much everywhere public for a while now, not really on purpose but whatever, and I felt bad about it, seeing that I was silent through Christmas and then also my birthday (I'm 21 now!), so I decided to make something a bit longer for New years. I could've done a blogpost but I wanted to have a bit of simple fun so here I am on this humble little page. It is currently 4:46pm on the 31st of December, so I'm cutting it a bit close,,,

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It's beginning to a lot like...

santa piggo

First off, Christmas! Christmas this year was rather good, all things considered, I got a new tablet this year so hopefully I'll be a bit more productive with it than I was when I was using my laptop. I've already drawn one or two things with it, including a redraw which I won't spoil as I'll be putting it in my December Art Gallery post, and a Somnolescent banner that you can find by reloading the page until it shows up, it's Pinede themed >:3c

It was also probably the quietest Christmas we've had in the group, in a good way. Zero drama, just good vibes and good company. We've been so used to something going wrong around this time of year that it's ended up a little tense, but we shook that off nice and quick. Christmas is to be spent with loved ones, after all!

Oh, and have this drawing I did for Christmas and just never used, along with the ones I've dotted on this page. I had plans for Christmas stuff but I just ended up being too busy for it, sadly. The drawings are still cute though so I might as well show them off,,,

three wise piggos

I also wrote a little blogpost on the big day, so maybe check that out if you haven't already,,,

To those nice, nice nights...

As mentioned before, I also had my birthday this month, on the 29th, I turned 21, and it was a lovely, if unusual birthday. We usually go to see a pantomime on my birthday but for obvious reasons this year, that didn't happen. A few gifts are delayed for similar reasons. But, apart from that, it was a lovely day that I cherished.

We visited my grandparents and sat in their carport for a bit, talking and exchanging gifts, and as replacement for a birthday cake, they put some candles in a doughnut and sang happy birthday to me while I held it. It was goofy and I got the giggles, but that's all part of the fun.

I also got a warm welcome online, as well as this wonderful, wonderful piece of gift art from Devon! I love it so damn much,,,

spirit caby

Also during my birthday, Cammy and I had a call where we watched both The Snowman (1982) and Father Christmas (1991) together, which was super comfy, and I was glad to get to see him watching those for the first time,,,

smiling snowman

Should auld aquaintance be forgot...

Onto the new year! I've faffed about so much that it is now 8:35pm, so I must hurry, gosh. I'm real hype for this new year, I aim to stay up until everyone's made it into the new year, starting with Devon an hour before me, all the way to mon, 8 hours after me. It's gonna be a long night, but a happy one!

Cammy's streaming tonight so that'll help me keep awake~

happy new year!

Next I'd like to introduce a new lad! My first female guinea pig character for this site, Konpeito! She's a magical guinea pig with the ability to fly and to create fireworks at will, she's a big fan of any celebration with fireworks, especially New Years!

(She's based on an old fursona of mine,,,)

Last but not least, my plans for the new year;

I have other stuff I'd like to do but if I list it all I'll just overwhelm myself. One step at a time and all that. Overall, I hope 2021 is a good year, and I'm glad of what I've gotten done this year. I'm glad of the people I've spent it with, and what I've chosen to do. I'm glad I've healed further, too.

Apologies if this is all unreadable, reading and writing is hard,,,

Happy new year, all of you. I wish you all the best. <3

habby new year