October 2020

First proper Art Gallery post on this version of the subsite, and it is about five days late… No matter, I drew… a few things this month so let’s get on with it.

I had a slow time at the start of this month, and as such, most of everything on here’s gonna be Halloween related. Little tidbits that I made while brainstorming. First off, a sketch of Marshmallow’s Halloween costume this year. My main aim with him is just “cute animal, preferably with a holiday-relation”, so this year he was an Easter lamb! His outfits are also always onesies with hoodies because that also suits him.

And here’s Torrone Morbido and Sweet Po respectively! Sweet Po is a purple wizard lad with a magic staff for authenticity, because I like to give him more classic, traditional Halloween staples. Torrone Morbido was dressed as Herbert West from Re-Animator, though no one in Somnolescent seemed to recognise the reference,,, My aim with his costumes is pretty simple, he dresses as spooky or edgy pop culture icons. If you saw my Halloween page this year, you’ll notice that I ended up using the sketch of Torrone for his final drawing.

Before I knew what I wanted to do with this year’s Halloween special, I drew two Candy Corns, pondering just having a drawing a day of him, before eventually landing on my proper idea. One of those drawings made its way into the page as a lil nudge to the amusing call I had with the lads while I drew this, but this one’s just been in my files ever since. Might as well give it a home here, cute little dude.

Something not as Halloween-y now, this was done as part of an art trade with a person on Twitter, and I ended up being quite pleased with it. I took an embarrassingly long time to colour and shade it because I was having a rough time concentrating at the time, but I got it done! Oh, and have their side of the bargain too because it came out adorable. Here’s credit too because I gotta,,,

My October art folder is so tiny that this and the last entry are gonna be ones I’ve posted elsewhere, but still like and wanna talk about. First is this, which were mine and Cammy’s Discord avatars for much of October! Cammy’s a spooky vampire and I’m a wizard with a crystallum staff. I wanted to make it as festive as possible, so I used plenty of dark orange, both in the background and in the tones. I’m pleased with how it turned out, they were super cute avatars,,,

Again, I have posted this one everywhere but I love it and I’m still proud of it. I suddenly got the urge to draw a piece with a proper background, and took it because I’d draw next to nothing overall otherwise. I sketched it out, lined the figure and then loosely painted the rest of it until it looked right. The background painting style is somewhat inspired by G1 My Little Pony frames I’d been staring at. I really miss that soft, painterly style you used to get in the backgrounds of many shows, but G1 MLP had some especially lovely ones. The boy is of course Cammy, being a damned hippie~

3 Responses to “October 2020”

  1. Cammy Says:

    That Cammy is still my wallpaper, so you know >w>

  2. Koi Fish Says:

    hey! i love ur art, keep doing what ur doing 🙂

  3. caby Says:

    gosh, thankyou! 😀