July 2020

Sooooo uh, I didn’t update this for 3 months, apologies about that. I rejigged my whole Art Gallery set up, so hopefully things work out this time. But less blabbering from me, on with the drawings,,,

Also, sidenote, absolutely destroyed myself with Art Fight this month, meaning most of what I drew this month was attacks (101, to be exact, yes I am insane.) and thusly this offering is meager and the next few months are me just lying in a deflated heap and watching animal videos.

A caby I drew after I realised I hadn’t drawn a normal version of her in ages. Missed dressing her more like me irl really, so I did just that. The return of her classic wine red jumper, even though I still can’t find the real counterpart of it anywhere,,,, Quite like how it turned out, especially the hair. So fluffy~

I drew this adorable lil Wyn and then just didn’t post him anywhere. Well, that’s not entirely true, I did post him somewhere, but then I deleted my account because the site sucked, so now he’s here, safe and sound~

Sooo there’s this thing I found while I was still on Neocities, called the Kiarrcats of Ryll, and I always thought it was super cool. I’ve been trying to create an OC for it for years now and I’ve never managed it. This is one of those attempts. They’re an Air Kiarrcat and I wanted to go for a sorta dark reddish colour palette, so I slapped a starfield I thought looked neat over it and then forgot about it. Oh well, I’ll come back to it >:3c

Kapy returns! I missed drawing her. My aim here was to redesign her face markings, because I thought I had a good, consistent set down but then Art Fight 2019 happened and absolutely no one but me knew how to draw them. So I’ve sorta been thrown into flux with them since then. This set I think works quite well though. We’ll see for next Art Fight though…

Have an Art Fight attack I did this year, experimenting with both painting and perspective. Mixed results in both, but overall I’m pleased with it. Saw these two apple-themed lads and knew exactly what I had to draw. Note this new, fancy, oil-esque brush I found for Clip Studio, it’s lovelyyy

One more Art Fight attack, this time on borb’s lad, Sophius. She wrote a short story about him exploring a cave not too long ago and I was definitely inspired by that. Had a lot of fun with this, even though it was totally out of my comfort zone. I have a lot of practice painting trees and grass, but rocky cliffs are another story. I think it came out alright overall though.

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