January 2020

A random doodle that I cleaned up because I liked how it looked. Not really like my usual stuff but it’s still pretty nice. Simple but effective, and all that.

Was this drawn in Krita or Clip Studio? I can’t remember. Either way, have a Wyn in an art style I was trying out but decided not to go with. He’s a cute lad either way.

A Cadi doodle from when I was trying to redesign her. Realised I had no idea what to do with her and stopped working on this drawing, I guess. She’s better now! uwu

Once upon a time during a Cammy stream, a legend was born. That legend is Brungko the totodile. He’s too damn powerful and can destroy humanity if he so pleases.

Something I started and then didn’t finish again, this time because Medibang is mean. A Caby stood nervously beside her younger self? I actually really like how baby Caby turned out, I captured the “bedraggled sparklefur tween” look pretty well.

I don’t really have anything to say about this, just thought that everyone deserved to see a sombrero-wearing guinea pig playing guitar.

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