December 2019

I just completely fell off with my art gallery entries for like 5 months, apologies for that. But! Thanks to Cameron’s kind contributions, the art gallery is now using autosite, so updates should be much easier overall uwu.

December was a weak month for art, with one thing and another. Being switched between two tablets and my main art program failing on me sure didn’t help

As stated before, December was a weak month so you’ll mostly get experiments and doodles here. This one is something I doodled while testing out Krita. I quite like the strange hazy effect the brush used causes, like he’s not quite on this plane of existence.

Another experiment! I recall sitting at the dining table in my grandparents’ house to do this, something quick and simple to see what I could do. I still wasn’t very confident blotting down values so I sort of lined it instead. I think it used the same brush as the Wyn above, nice and spooky.

You ever just randomly make up a lad and then never use them again? This is one of those times. Some sort of fantasy-ish squirrel. Looks like a thoughtful lad to me <:3c I never coloured him in so the background’s overlapping him, poor boy.

Another thing drawn to appease my grandparents. They like guinea pigs, they do! Still not quite too sure about digital art though… This was also drawn on Krita which was great for about 3 hours until it broke for no discernable reason and I got fed up trying to look up my issue online and uninstalled it.

Listen I was looking through my files and I found this. Some kinda unfinished drawing of Afan escaping from a glowing blue lake? Perhaps it is a magical aura. Perhaps I was just making shit up as I went along and got bored. Whom knows.

Something nice and not unfinished to end this entry. A Cammy drawn in FireAlpaca I do believe, after Medibang went funny after I’d installed Krita. Don’t ask, we don’t know what happened. Anyhow, still fond of this Cammy, think he came out rather cute~

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