November 2019

Doodled a good girl, my guinea pig Bergerac, while explaining to my grandparents how my art tablet works. I think it came out rather nicely, considering it was mostly mindlessly drawn. My automatic still seems to be guinea pigs <:3c

Character designs for Apricot Bay! The mayor and his assistant, a guinea pig (of course uwu) and a black leopard, one headstrong and a little dumb, and the other intelligent but painfully shy. They work together surprisingly well. Well enough to keep Apricot Bay going, at least.

After a little bit of misunderstanding from yours truly, shiny Cammy is now from space, has a lazer gun and the cosmos in his hair. (As opposed to the flowers, cosmos, in the usual badger boy’s hair, *cough cough* >_>)

Finally needled Cameron into playing Okami, and celebrated by drawing a mari in the wonderful inky style that game has. Have loved that game since I was a kid and it was partially what got me more seriously into art, and I spent a lot of time as a child attempting to draw in that style (usually on uh, dAmuro…) and I think it’s payed off~

Cameron decided that having an equivalent to Kapy would be neat, and he’d decided ages ago that if he had a big cat sona it’d be a snow leopard. So meet the new, supremely fluffy lad here! He’s yet to be named, but we’ve got ideas >w>

Another little doodle of the new lad. What a cutie! Also a bit of an experiment because I used coloured lines to suggest lighting rather than shading. A very high contrast way of doing it but I think it turned out alright here, especially with the whiskers adding to the effect.

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