October 2019

Me and Cameron tested the possibility of an art stream in our ~secret server~ and I spent almost the entire time drawing garfs. Here is one of them, a particularly chunky garf, labelled correctly, for sure.

And another garf! This one is a yeehaw cowboy lad, based on a plushie. Is a good, soft boy. I’m love him.

Was asked by Jackomix to design a little oldschool Penelope for a project he wanted to start, so I did it. I used the Penelope design from the HTML tutorial rather than the one I use usually, thought it would suit the website more.

Felt spooky, also felt like drawing a Madeleine, ended up with this uwu. The dress reference was actually a Halloween costume for a little kid, but with a small amount of adjustment it suited her nicely. Something cute and simple to go with my more complicated, moody festive stuff.

If you didn’t quite make it to see the thing I’d put together for Halloween this year, here’s a sneak peek of what you missed! I put out a drawing and a paragraph or so of story every day for ten days leading up to the big day. Was fun but challenging to keep it up.

[00:04] feminist ecstasy valley: AAAAAAA 
[00:04] Cammy: this is accurate

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