June 2019

A rabbit found itself trapped in Cameron’s garden in Minecraft. It was a particularly lucky rabbit, considering how high rabbit mortality rates are in our world. Anyway, we named him Gonzo and he likes to smonk weef and tell us about all kinds of conspiracy theories. He’s got a good heart.

Penny’s terrible, garish pink shorts make a return. This time with a cool pair of sunglasses, an awesome toy windmill and a memorable tshirt. I like this drawing far more than anyone else does. Just a tiny bastard and her toy windmill.

Sometimes I just go back and watch speedpaints and AMVs I watched when I was a smaller Caby, with their edgy music and emo cats. Mostly Warrior Cats. Because everyone liked Scourge for a bit. While watching these I got an urge to draw something little me would’ve found cool. Made up some cat designs and added some moody lighting and blood. Ka-chow.

Some kind of attempt at translatingĀ borb‘s character Sam into something you’d find in the Pennyverse. Not entirely happy with how it turned out but it’s… recognisable. I’ll give it another go at some point. It’s the goggles, wanna draw more goggles. Also the drawing in the top left corner was drawn by borb.

A rather thoughtful looking Caby. Staring off dramatically into the distance. Probably thinking about drawing more gotdamn badgers. ButĀ dramatically.

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