May 2019

Cameron and I have spoken quite a bit about the idea of universe crossovers and stuff like that. One idea that’s super fun is the characters from the Pennyverse in Calelira. What classes they’d be, how they’d react, how they’d fit in, stuff like that. So here’s a doodle I did of Colton and Madeleine in Calelira-esque garb. Colton the rogue and Madeleine who can and will raise the dead to do her bidding.

Created a pokesona of sorts this month, a leafeon called afan, meaning “raspberry”. She exists to match with mari, I have no shame uwu. Still developing her character but she’s my most wholesome sona. Again, comes from a conversation with Cameron, I mentioned leafeon, he said that’d suit me. So here we are~

More pokeys! Was on a bit of a afan/mari binge for a while this month, it was fun. Eeveelutions are fun and simple to draw. Just pleased with the liveliness of this drawing. It’s got movement and all that good stuff. And blushy pokes, which is always nice to see.

While looking at Minecraft blocks, I decided that the different coloured clays would make a nice patchwork blanket. So I drew that. It is a nice patchwork blanket.

This one is only really noteworthy because the foreshortening almost kind of worked, which I’m pleased about. Also Kapy, which is always good. One third squish, one third fluff, one third blep.

He… sip…. That’s all I have to say about the matter.

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