April 2019

Drew Penny kind of like a real cat. Well, almost a real cat. Just orange, with a smug, tiny face and stubby little baby legs. Because why not? Still quite pleased with the shading.

A painty thing of Colton I started but sadly didn’t finish. I might give it another go later on. Happy with how him and the water worked out so far. Just a fluffy raccoon boy relaxing in the shade. Love him, good lad.

Forever ago now, before I was sitebuilding or had friends, I was on Neopets! And my “neopetsona” as the cool kids say was a grey gnorbu. A depressed alpaca/donkey/llama thing. She was the proto-capy! Since then, I’ve changed quite a bit so I decided to redo the neopetsona, and made her a cloud gnorbu instead. Then I drew them both. It’s ~artsy~ and ~deep~.

Mainly just pleased with this one because I drew it without sketching anything out first. And it came out alright. Also Cammy, Cammy is always good, and fun to draw. I was going for “diagram” but Cameron looked at it and said “why did you paint him red”.

While wandering about aimlessly on the internet I came across a site called artri.se. There’s currently nothing really there but I thought the mascot was neat so I drew it and posted it to their Discord server. I then forgot to show it to anyone else. uwu

Three art things for the price of one, what a deal! Cameron has a soft spot for Hamtaro, so I took some Hamtaro sprites and edited them to look like Cammy. Camtaro! (EDIT: I accidentally ordered these in a way that looks like he’s shrinking. Oops)

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