March 2019

Just a heads up, the full size drawing is pretty big, so it might take a while to load if you have ass internet like I do. Something I drew for college. I can’t remember what the project was, or what the meaning behind this is, if there is any. Just a cat, some squirrels and a sad, sad tree.

Drew quite a few otters this month. This is one of them! Some kind of river otter, methinks. A cheerful fellow, no matter what specific species he is.

Mostly just noteworthy because it kind of counts as the first drawing of Kapy. A kind of wonky looking strawberry/golden tiger with a serious expression. Wonder what on earth could cause a serious Kapy.

More ottery things! A sea otter this time. 15 minutes of fun doodling with a mouse, got a little otter buddy out of it. His head is circular and he’s hungry for fishes.

A long-neglected character of mine called Dai. He’s an elf. There’s more to the story than that but golly I have like 6 years of lore I need to work on. So for now, you just get his face. His slightly nervous looking face.

Is a mari. A rather fluffy, round and blushy mari. He’s probably up to something.

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