February 2019

As always, Colton is a popular character, and a very fun one to draw. Lovely little raccoon boy. He’s thinking about things… This drawing was a test to see how cold I could make the scene look, and also an excuse to draw more trees. Frosty.

Colton again! This time with Madeleine. A little scene that was inspired by several conversations with Cameron about these two characters being a good little team for adventuring through the forest surrounding a lot of Apricot Bay. Many cool things to find, and they’ve got each others backs for the journey.

Random doodle from college that I traced over, I guess. It’s Diesel! 😀 He’s actually the oldest character in the Pennyverse, a little dude I made up in 2016 while bored in class. He didn’t have a name until more recently though. And he sadly dropped the fetching goatee..

How impolite of you, Capy. Medibang ate all of my dithering pattern brushes so I had to remake them, so I drew a Capy with one of the new ones. Phht.

Penny wearing her finest articles of clothing. She may dress smart for work but when comfy time begins? That’s when the garish pink shorts and intimidating graphic tees come on.

Spent 3 days on this one, I usually like to get a drawing done in a day but this one has a lot of detail so, whatever. Cameron may remember me getting very annoyed at the existence of leaves while drawing this uwu.

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