January 2019

The full version of this image is pretty damn huge so just a heads up. Anyway, this is a remake of an older drawing from 2016, which was a remake of something even older, from 2014. The older drawings are also hideously gigantic because big canvases can be cool. Not so fun to load though. Also, quick note, the Windows Photo Viewer thingy decided to tag this as “scuba diving”.

Golly, since Colton came into being, he’s been a favourite lad of mine and anyone else who sees him thinks he’s great too. Madeleine is pretty fantastic too. They’re even better working as a team. Anyway, here’s a simple illustration of them planning out an adventure.

A character of mine called Wyn. He’s a fat little cat dude who wears comfy jumpers. Jumper based on a real design. There’s more to him than that but I’m keeping it to myself for now uwu, Caby’s got some character and world building to do.

It can be safe to say that shit was going down in January/December. And during that time, I discovered a new way to “vent”. And that was to draw the most peaceful stuff imaginable. So Cammy gets to adventure through the forest. Drew this without even realising it was out of the ordinary for Cameron. Golly.

The second wandering Cammy picture. This time with slight supernatural elements, glowing ghost butterfly and all that. I think at this point I realised that it wasn’t looking particularly platonic anymore. <:3c

Went ahead and made this a trilogy. Had a lot of fun with the textures in all three but the water splash in this one was particularly fun to figure out. Also the sky in this drawing, best sky I ever did paint, methinks. I’ll outdo it someday but for now I’m just appreciating all the pretty colours. (Anyone who knows Cameron will recognise the frog uwu)

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