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Stray cabybaba/tigress/bunny from Wales, usually found drawing furries and watching weird shit on YouTube. Horribly in love with a badger boy who goes by the name of Cammy. Together they work on many neat projects, the big one being their oldest too, Pennyverse. (Many powerful plans in the works >w>)

The Cammy Shrine~

Caby is a fan of many things, including her favourite animal, guinea pigs, wandering through nature, the 70s hippie aesthetic, old tv shows, documentaries and anything weird and wonderful she comes across.

She's also a big fan of music she describes as "charming", such as Pentangle, Vashti Bunyan, Connie Converse, Space, Jack Stauber and many, many other random bits and pieces.

Can and will post terrible memes in the Somnol Discord server. No one can stop her >:3c