Welcome to Capy's personal hell, kindly held hostage on Somnolescent.net.


20/05/19 - Remind me to actually upload stuff to the site umu. My toyhou.se is currently far more active. Need to update my Badger Gallery and redo my main art gallery. Plus I still have that Pennyverse one in the works. Might re-jig the site for the hell of it, too, I miss my CGA guinea pigs :'( On the subject of guinea pigs, wrote a little something on the group blog!

17/04/19 - Discord server died. Press F. What an explosive way to go!

07/04/19 - What's this? A Discord server?

01/04/19 - flareon

31/03/19 - What's this? An actual update?? How exciting. The Badgers Appreciation Art Gallery is now online, go check it out! Many much badgers, including a couple that aren't online anywhere else! It's also horribly soft. I can't help it...

15/03/19 - Carrot has began work on her site! Check that out! The link on my about now links to the site instead of her deviantart. It's her first time working with HTML, too.

11/03/19 - Hi again! Sorry muchly for the lack of updates, college is keeping me rather busy. But, some small things to mention. For one, the site should now be mobile friendly! (Yes, even the Monkees fanfiction page). Please notify me if you find any issues with it. It's been tested on Windows and iphone, so it'd be neat to see what it looks like on Android. Also, I got my laptop back up and running after a couple months of issues. First the charging port broke and it had to be sent off for repairs, and then soon after I got it back, the charging cable broke. But it's all working again! So hopefully I'll get more sitebuilding done :3c

19/02/19 - The site is still being updated, just haven't really posted anything worth mentioning on the front page. I posted a blog post earlier on, if that's anything. Added pixel art that Cammy made to my about page, you can also see it on his site, in full colour. I love it a lot.

25/01/19 -

01/01/19 - Habby New Year!

29/12/18 - Just about everything is in place now on the site. I've added my shitposts as well as the beginnings of a blog to the Junkyard, and everything except Cavy Castle has content. Current aim is to add some content to Cavy Castle. It's been months now, that poor old castle is desolate.
Also! It is my birthday. I am 19 entire years old now. uwu

20/12/18 - Moved from neocities.org to somnolescent.net, thanks to my good friend, mariteaux. You know how one of the ways cults keep their members is by isolating them from friends and family? This is the internet version of that.