a good alligator About Me a good alligator

I am Capy. I like to draw and sometimes I do stuff that isn't drawing like rambling and thinking things.

I like many much music, including the Bee Gees, and uhh,, other things that aren't the Bee Gees. I mostly just like songs that slap. Make me listen to something and maybe I'll like it.

I really love guinea pigs a whole lot, they're my favourite animal and I love them all to pieces. They appear in my work all over the place. And obviously, I'm partial to capybaras too.

a good alligator Contact a good alligator

Most effective way of contacting me would be through Discord, I'm capy#7431.

Only public server I'm in is this one. It's the mari Fans United! I made it with my own two capybara hands, with a little help from Cammy~ Oh of course, it's very serious uwu. But yeah, if you'd prefer to contact me on a server, that's where I am. Anyone's free to join, even if you don't know who mari is :>

Otherwise I'm on DeviantART as Jacdo, on as capycapy and my email is
Another email address is!

a good alligator Somnolians a good alligator

Fellow cult members with sites here on!

uwu Cammy uwu - 'think about it, i can hotwire any car with my dick'

friendo! dcb - 'consider my gears grinding'

friendo! Carrot - 'does seb like dingus dongus'

(Check them out if you haven't already uwu)