What's your favourite music video?

I asked this question in Discord, and Owlman kindly answered on Deviantart a list of his favourites. I on the other hand hadn't answered properly. I've been thinking about music videos and decided to write about my favourites here. I've linked to them on youtube as well, so that you can also check them out.

[EDIT] - OwlMan has since made a page dedicated to his favourite music videos which you can find [HERE]. Strata has also made one, so check that out [HERE]! Note how both of them managed to write much more about each video... Words aren't my forte...

Devil Goes Down To Georgia - Primus

Stopmotion is always good, and this is really great, smooth stopmotion so I freaking love it. Best part is when the Devil plays and there's a sudden shift in aesthetic, but it's really cool. So I really recommend this one.

Look What You Done - Slade

This video terrified me as a kid, but it's grown on me. Still weird. Intense!

Love And Pride - King

I've known this song for years but could never figure out what the singer was saying. Luckily I recently watched a TOTP documentary which mentioned it so I was eventually able to find the video! 80s hair, a green suit, red docs, and countless dancing children all situated in a scrapyard? What more could you want?

The Longest Time - Billy Joel

I dunno. It's charming!

SOURCE - Fever The Ghost

2D animation here, pretty modern. Really, really cool imagery. Fits the song really well and in general is just pretty goddamn great.

Let's Go - Stuck In The Sound

Good song, good video. Another 2D animation, which tells a story. Super smooth and dynamic animation! Kind of makes you think about how you'd react if you were the only human left. What would you regret? Also cool visuals if you don't much feel like thinking.

Lone Digger - Caravan Place

Okay, so, socially acceptable furries? (Except for the dancer..) Also nice atmosphere and lighting! It's overall really neat. But, quick warning, it gets REALLY bloody, just a heads up.

That's all I can think of right now. So that's finished! I recommend checking some of them out if you haven't seen it before. Bye 4 now!