About Me

Hullo, this page has some little bits of info on me, so that you can decide what ya think of me. If you find me irritating or anything like that, that's fine, I understand.

I love guinea pigs!! That is my favourite thing! I love them so much, they are my life!

I have three at the moment, called Bergerac, Murdoch and Poirot. Check out their page when you can! :D. I love them a lot a lot a lot!!! They are so important to me!!

I have Asbergers Syndrome, so I am kind of awkward at all times. If you want a list of symptoms I have, check out this bad boy! It's really useful, honestly. It's difficult to find good info on asbergers in girls so this website is cool.

BUT, That is not all there is to know about me, I have other personality traits and interests!

Here is a few of the more stable interests (as in ones that stay as interests);

That is pretty much it interest-wise, so that's it for the about page! Bye!!