We see a bit of a decline in 2019 due to a general plummit in my mental health that took up much of that year. That doesn't mean I don't have anything to show for that year though! Near the end, I begun going back up and with it, so did my art a little more. I spent much, if not all, of this year working with my new found love, Clip Studio.

weird fishraptor on a snowhill

Can't really say I was ever really proud of this one, but it's something I did this year and a good example for future backgrounded drawings. <:3 Is backgrounded a word?

I can't quite remember what they were called. I believe they're called Fishraptors. There was a DTA(Draw-To-Adopt) open for this lad from that species so I decided to draw a thing. I didn't win and that's for the best.

alien furry but painted this time

I spent about a week in 2019 sick with a stomach bug and I spent that whole week watching speedpaints by artist Neytirix. I painted this in inspiration while being in and out of laying in bed sick. Pretty... sick.

For some reason I decided to shade a black, white, and red character with red? Not sure why I thought that'd work well but I mean... It doesn't look terrible, I guess? I like how I did the claws here. They actually fold in a bit to imply weight 'n stuff and I like that.

farm gremlin

All this does is remind me how much I love painting and want to do more so badly. I had a lot of fun with this one, but it also took awhile. u_u Was very worth it though! This goblin has a pitchfork!

monster dog sits

I refined my fluff shading here and it made me really hype! This is probably my first finished drawing in a few months at that point too.

a slugcat in a dark world

This drawing is the embodiment of sudden impulses and desires to paint. It was late at night and I felt like drawing fanart for Rain World so I drew fanart for Rain World. I really like how it came out, but also this was my first attempt at a slugcat and I'm not sure how I feel about it now that I've drawn more. >w>;

edgy anime character

Did I ever mention I'm a massive anime dweeb? This is Dazai from Bungou Stray Dogs. It's a show about what happens if you take exaggerations of real life literary icons and placed them into an anime world with superpowers. I drew this for an event that took place in the unofficial Discord server.

very happy adventure fox

I painted up a Sam with a really texturous brush and while it took me forever, it was insanely good practice and lots of fun. However, grass. I need to work on my grass. That grass looks like pee.

anthro weird bug

I drew a Hollow Knight oc of mine named Vois in a similar style to the Sam above. Just more practice with this style of coloring that came out really neat looking.

purple dog stands like a dog

This sparkledog is very anime, but also actually has the anatomy of a proper dog and that makes me hype knowing I can do that now. I dropped the wild shading I did a lot for a minute to focus more on lineart tricks.

very fluffy wingfox

This is a very special one to me because for the first time I felt like I drew actual fur. Not implications of fur, but something where you feel like you could reach out your hand and feel fur. That shit made me scream my head off. Pose is a bit strange, though. I won't lie. It's not the clearest thing in the world.

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