In 2016, I began working a lot more with programs like Paint Tool SAI and Firealpaca, I finally got my first tablet(It was about goddamn time. Around this point I was starting to get frustrated drawing with a mouse.), and I started to experiment a bit more. Throughout this year, you see me attempt different methods of doing things. Some that worked, some that didn't quite hit the mark.

alien dinosaur blinks

Shiiiit, I used this icon for awhile. At some point I switched to a new one made for me, but this icon will always be special despite how much I hate that blink animation.

alien dinosaur but tim burton

What a tragedy... If I was just a lot less terrible at using transparency we could've actually had a badass thing to look back on. Sadly, though, we got horrifyingly transparent Don't Starve-styled Polaris instead.


Really enjoy how fluid this pose looks. Very snakey character has a very snakey looking body and I've always been proud of that.

paper doodle of dino thing

I drew this character a lot this year and in 2015, but all of it's on paper and a lot of it isn't scanned. His name is Shale. Y'know. Like the smooth stone? I was in science class and heard the word shale and went "me likey", basically. He looks like a dinosaur but he was meant to be some kind of weird mutated gila monster. It just didn't translate well into his design because I was 15 with toaster brain.

mouse holding cheese in the snow

OBLIGATORY MOUSE DRAWING. You can tell what I was trying to go for, but it all looks really flat compared to what I had in mind. That snowflake is too good to be on this drawing. Pretty sure this is the same as most of the mouse drawings I did back then. I asked for requests from people and just drew.

alien dino but only the head

The first drawing where Polaris acquired full red-ear and not sorta-red-ear. Its pretty wild how long the face looks. My proportions were pretty strange back then. Could've been plenty stranger, but strange. Long faces, big eyes, small head, Gosh. Thank god, a certain capybara helped point out that stuff to me.

dino with scarf and helmet

Firealpaca is definitely a good program to use if you're an artist without a tablet because its a very mouse-friendly program with a good few tools that help with the process. I used one of said tools, a brush that automatically smoothes out my lines combined with a very mouse-friendly stabilizer for this drawing and another of Ignis further down this page. 10/10, Firealpaca is a really good program for people trying to get into digital art, but lack a tablet.

This drawing is meant to be a Transformice mouse(someone else's I took requests again) but as a dinosaur because thats how I do.

random bird painted with airbrush

MS PAINT MS PAINT MS PAINT! I went full fucking airbrush for this thing! Full airbrush and no tablet. Its pretty amazing what you can do with what many would consider to be the most barebone of tools at your disposal. Try working with different programs and mediums sometimes. Even if you don't decide to use it perminantly, its just a lot of fun to try working with something new to you.

ghost dragon striking a pose

This is my favorite drawing I've done of this character to this day for the pose alone, honestly. His eye fuckin' shimmers.

alien dino but a more detailed head

This is the point where I finally got my first tablet~! It was a Wacom Intuos. Polaris' head is still FUCKING MASSIVE, but listen. This was my very first drawing with a tablet. We respect it.

orange cat with two fingies

Oh man... I like to think of this drawing as the first dog I properly finished and colored? Its not the first dog I've ever drawn, obviously, but... fuck duuuuude this guy got electrocuted so hard he lost all his toes.

This lad is the sona of someone I spoke to at the time. I remember drawing this for them as a get-well-soon gift.

airbrush theropod but better

Remember this from last year's gallery? This theropod looks a bit less like a generic dinosaur and now something closer to a generic spinosaurid, the crocodile-headed dinosaur family made famous by Spinosaurus. That's what you call evolution.

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