Hoo.. So theres a lot for this year. As of year 2020, I've set up a seasonal system to control this a little better, but I don't feel like attempting to properly date every last one of these old drawings by date and even day. So I've just suited up this year and any other years like it with multiple pages when necessary instead. I'm trying to save your computers!

Anyway, this is the year I started working primarily with programs like Paint.net and more especially, Paint Tool SAI. Also Fire Alpaca, but only just enough to tease, really. This year is also the year that marks the birth of Polaris~ Or... a beta version of Polaris anyway. Back when she had spider legs for some reason. And was male. Adolescence sure is weird.

sauropod drawn with airbrush

MS Paint airbrushing persists!! I've always liked how this one came out specifically. Always thought it had pretty solid shaping to it. Not perfect, but enough to note.

mouse with a bag on its head

Can you tell this background is supposed to be a sidewalk? Cause that's what it's supposed to be.

theropod drawn with airbrush

AW HELL YEAH MORE MS PAINT AIRBRUSH! This one is a theropod! One of those two-legged, bite-at-your-ankle-or-your-head type dinosaurs. This one isn't any species in specific though. That'd be too much effort expected from a 14 year old with toaster brain.

robot dinosaur being spooky

Oh man... so this guy's got a bit of a story. I originally designed his head based on a lanyard clip and then gave it a body. This was around the time Five Nights at Freddy's was new and booming in popularity and so this character, Quiver, was originally an OC for the game, but was quickly changed to be a stand alone character instead of a fan one. This drawing is basically just him being scary spooky. Are you spooked? Also, I tried a really weird, really horrible scribbly lighting technique in this drawing that was never used again for a reason! This is also our Paint.net representation. ;3

very noodley dinosaur

I wish I could go back in time for 5 seconds just to flick 14 year old me in the nose for being bad at cropping. I mean just look at this! The only reason I'm not fixing it now is because I'm stubborn and don't want to tamper with the diamond that is my younger self and my younger self's inability to do basic cropping. We don't taint shit. We thank shit. Other than that, pretty much just looks like a snake grew legs. That's a lot of my old dinosaur drawings though to be fair.

crow with a badly drawn butterfly

Flame finally comes on scene! She's only like 3 years old at this point with next to no art to speak of, but its okay because this is cute. Shes basically just a pyromaniacal crow with fire powers. Also, yes. That's supposed to be a butterfly. Shut up. :(:(

robot dinosaur but pink

First drawing done in Paint Tool SAI and its Quiver only pink and fabulous. Probably also one of my first properly painterly type things too?

small dragon getting made fun of

'Nother old oc here! This is Axel. Basically an edgelord dragon with a whip for a tail. At this point he was a demon too. This was my first attempt to do cool kid shading and it just... Didn't work out very well. Also, this drawing took a lot longer than it had to because I just didn't understand layers when I drew this and the drawing just after this one. I somehow did this on one layer and I'm kinda impressed with myself for that.

monochrome furry with a katana

First ever drawing I did of an anthro or as the cool kids say, fucking furry. It's really bad, but once again, we respect shit for being where I started. It's okay if I didn't know how to use layers because I know now. Also this drawing is stupid tall for no goddamn reason, it's throwing this whole page off and I hate it. :(

crow looks sad and moist

I drew this as some kind of weird attempt to be inspirational on my DA. It's fantastically embarrassing to look back on because I quoted Katy Perry. The water looks like semen(yes that's supposed to be water), Flame is long, just. Gosh, what a shitshow. Also her eyes are purple here instead of uh... gray like in the last drawing of her because edgy outdated rp blah blah. Something about an evil purple rock? No idea.

a noodle and his dead caretakers fly around

I said they'd be back but you didn't listen to me. Yukimo looks mostly the same(other than the fact his eyes changed color wtf?), but Ignis and Yoko have grown into something much closer to their modern selves! Prior to this drawing, they'd only been referred to as "Red" and "Yellow" respectively, but after this drawing, they finally acquired their present names! The fact that the lines on Yukimo's forehead is thicker than the entire rest of the drawing has hurt my soul for years.

dragon in front of blue fire

A full-sized Axel causing fiery demon mayhem, I guess. His fire is blue because demon. I honestly still think this looks cool. Though, I wish the lighting was stronger because that contrast in color would've kicked ass. Who knows, maybe one day I'll redo this with the proper contrasts and it'll be sick.

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