I sadly don't have much remaining from both these years, so I decided to merge two years into one. <:3c I used mostly MS Paint during this time and not even the modern one. Were talking classic MS fucking paint. The one pretty much every young baby artist at the time used to draw. I was around 12/13 years old, broke, and stupid, but as time went on, I did begin to tap into other programs. >:3c

NOTE: This page was written prior to me and Cammy fishing out the oldest of my digital art from my old pc. Lots of art from 2013 was still lost, but I have more art from then now compared to when I first made this page combining the two years. Some things have been edited or rewritten to suit the new development, but not everything. So take this with a pinch of salt.

sad noodle dragon

Hi! So when I wrote the description for this one previously, I really did only have this drawing as my oldest surviving piece of digital art. This is no longer accurate after me and Cammy rescued a lot of even older art from my old XP computer. Maybe I'll make pages to showcase some of that at some point, who knows! This drawing also remains as my icon on Youtube at the time of writing this, 7 and a half years strong.

Anyway, this is Yukimo, he's an amphithere I created in art class and in this drawing hes entangled by two wormy dragon ghosts, Red and Yellow, or who will later be named Ignis and Yoko. Yes, they don't look very red and yellow now, but trust me that'll change soon.

inaccurate dinosaur looks at the moon

My dinosaur obsession has withstood the test of time well. Might be old as hell art, but some things just never change. This is Giran, AKA, a Ceratosaurus/Carnotaurus(its a mystery) who literally did nothing relevant or interesting except be a dinosaur and look too much like another two old ocs of mine.

literally a vegetable with wings

The first drawing I uploaded to Deviantart and the first appearance of my dumb little mascot Churro! At the time of writing this, hes got a little graphic on my main page. This might also be my first drawing with Paint.net too, though I really only used it for the weird gradient background. Don't worry, Paint.net will get the representation it deserves a bit later in the timeline. >:3c

carrot rat

First drawing I did of a mouse and specifically of a Transformice mouse! Gonna be seeing a few of these since I've drawn a good handful of them over the years. This is Solrus, a mouse who became a ninja of carrots to protect her village's crops or something. I'm still kinda happy about how this looks honestly. It hasn't aged as badly as some.

weirdly anime mouse birthday gift

I'd send this drawing to people if I was trying to get across how much pain my old art brings me. Look at those EYES. After getting a lot of my old art back, I've got an even bigger arsenal of examples to share with my friends and associates.

badly lined mouse

What's line consistency? WHAT IS HER HAIR DOING????

carrot rat bustshot

This was actually a frame of a really poorly made animation I tried to make around this time for a MEP(Multiple Editor Project) on Youtube. I saved it separately because I thought it looked nice. Whether I still have access to this animation is honestly a mystery to me. I may still have the file locked away in DA Sta.sh under a really weird file type for a program I forgot the name of. It may have also corrupted so that's fun.

derpy dinosaur

The name of this was literally "Derpy Failsaur". How could I not put this gem on here?

dragon drawn with airbrush

I miss the airbrush tool sometimes. I won't lie.

black and blue bird

I'm pretty sure Articuno was a vague inspiration for this... thing. MY wing comes out of my side what about YOURS?

mouse wearing red

Y'know, I drew all of these mice for different users on Transformice and I'm beginning to wonder where they all are now.

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