Visrak of the Inferno

Finished: 2015

Chapter 1: "I Created a Dragon"

Centuries ago, there existed a volcano named Mt. Downpoor, a volcano that has since gone extinct and is now nothing more then a mountain. A man who tried to create magic using using a strange dark colored stone created to pull energy to it to create something out of the properties, creating weapons, objects, and as far fetched as it may sound, they also believed it could create life. No one believed him and his impossible endeavors. He was the only one to believe in magic within the community. He tried all sorts of experiments with the stone but of course, wasn't able to make his mystical dream a reality.

One day, he snapped, throwing many objects in his lab in frustration. After calming down, he decided to throw his stone into a nearby volcano, Mt. Downpoor. A foolish decision considering what the stone was capable of. However, instead of it being bad, the man thought it was a good thing as it may help make the volcano incapable of eruptions. He was wrong though.

Over the span of a month, the volcano became alot more active. None who were summoned to figure out what caused the drastic change in the mount's volcanic activity were successful. The man had since attempted to go with a new career as an author. One day, something amazing happened. It was a pretty normal day in the village.

Suddenly, an earthquake took it by surprise. The earthquake ceased, but that wasn't the end. The volcano, Mt. Downpoor, exploded with lava and debree. The volcanic materials shooting looking like giant wings from how it flew. The ear piercing noise of the explosion sounding like a fierce beast like nothing the villagers had ever heard.

The man, like everyone else, was alarmed. For about 3 weeks after this insident occured, the town has been in constant distress as Mt. Downpoor kept having violent eruptions and buildings around town have been mysteriously catching on fire. The man, concerned about this and the possibility of it having something to do with the stone he tossed in last month. However instead of investigating, he instead sat back and heard about updates on it whenever they showed. One day, he heard about one of his friends becoming hospitalized due to their house catching on fire and them getting trapped inside.

Like all the incidents of burning structures lately, the cause of the fire is unknown. That was the man's last straw. After that, he started constructing fire proof gear aswell as put his book series on hiatus for awhile(possibly perminantly if he dies). Weeks later, he had completed the construction of his gear. Shortly after he started making his way to Mount Downpoor.

Once he reached the peak of the volcano, he peered down into the active crater, careful not to loose his footing. He heard an upset almost growly noise then some lava rose up from the bottom, but stopped near the top. It stayed motionless for about 30 seconds before slowly going down, revealing a spiraling staircase that was not there before. The man carefully stepped onto the steps and began to decend down into the volcano, not knowing if anything was at the end.

When he got closer to the botton, he saw any lava moved out of the way of him as if making room for him to stand. The large puddle of lava infront of him began to morph legs, arms, a head, and a tail aswell as structures resembling eyes all made of nothing but fire, lava and igneous stones in the volcano. After the entity's form completes transformation, a deep, angry, echoing voice is heard, "State your name, mortal." As the man is about to answer, he notices something and his eyes widen. Resting within the center of the creature's body is the stone he had thrown into the volcano a month ago.

It had created life, but this is not the original intention he had. The beast was starting to grow impatient. "Well!?" They said in a more harsh tone. The man responded in a stutter, "F-Frederick. Frederick Lander." Frederick then asked the entity a question of his own. "What's your name?" He asked nervously.

"My name..?" it questioned. "Yeah your name. Don't you have one?" Frederick asked in response. "Well..." The entity responded, rolling it's eyes. "For awhile now, the natives have been calling me Visrak." They said in a more calm tone then previously.

Frederick shuttered. "V-Visrak. What a frightening name.." Visrak then asked, "What brings you here, Lander?" Frederick responded, trying to relax. "Well, I came to ask a question. Are you whats been causing all the incidents around town recently?" Visrak's eyes widened in response as it said, "Yes."

Frederick's eyes began to show seriousness as he asked Visrak an important question. "Why!?" His response echo'd throughout the volcano's crater. The crater grew silent as Visrak pondered on how to respond, their eyes still wide open. "Ever since I gained this appearance, I've had a never ending urge to destroy and burn things. Often without reason. All the things I've caused were likely outbursts." Frederick responded, raising his voice, "You're telling me my friend is hospitalized because you threw a temper tantrum?!"

The crater grew silent again. Visrak wasn't sure how to respond. Visrak just stared at Frederick, eyes wide open. He makes low, docile grumbles but does not respond vocally. Suddenly, Frederick feels a drop of water land on his face.

He looks up to the sky above to see that its a clear day without a single cloud. He ignores it and stares at visrak, asking it a question, "How are you alive? I tried everything trying to bring you to life. I guess I technically created you." Visrak's eyes got larger. Suddenly, the ground begins to shake "Is this your doing?!" yelled Frederick. "Its not." Visrak responded, concerned.

A ton of water suddenly pours into the crater at the volcano, Visrak moving away on impact out of fear. The beast quickly grabs Frederick by his fire-proof suit and flies out of the volcano. Immediately after exiting Visrak getsa knocked out of the sky with a cannon ball, dropping Frederick. The towns people have called in trained mercenaries after hearing that a monster lives in the volcano. They manage to catch Frederick, leaving him unharmed.

Frederick was immediately taken away as the mercenaries dealt with Visrak. The next day, the volcano had calmed and Frederick was worried about the beast and so went back to the volcano after the mercenaries left. Outside the base of the volcano lied the stone that is Visrak, covered in debree. Frederick picked up the stone a gettly placed into a small sack and proceeded to walk back home. Visrak was almost like a child being introduced to the world for the first time. He promised to the stone he'd try to make it up to them.

To be continued

Intermission #1

The mist of snow

Its cold... ...very cold

The cold shall rise...

He shall come...

Chapter 2: Ice, Fire and Deception

Days have passed since Frederick's encounter with Visrak. He has continued progress on his stories though his production speed has slowed. He has also been researching a method to attempt to revive Visrak from his stone. That day Frederick was cooking up the 4th attenpt at bringing Visrak back. "This goes here and this goes into the pan..." He mumbled the steps to himself.

[The End, his fourth attempt would be left forever unfinished, sad times. Check the second page for scans and sketches from the journal I wrote this nonsense in.]

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