Stress Dream

Finished: Early 2019

You live in a loud, bustling city, but one morning you awoke to the sound of complete silence. Looking out the window, you saw a landscape as still as the air. Cars and buses were frozen still, some even in the midst of a crash with doors and windows wide. No people though. Even your precious pet parrot was mute and missing in this new world. The one thing that seemed unchanging and almost a blessing was the brilliantly orange morning sky.

"What on Earth happened?" You thought to yourself. Normally, your thoughts came with the sound of screaming bird and city noise, but now thought itself sent a chill down your spine.

You ran to the kitchen for your phone, but right as you reached for it, everything faded to black. As the darkness enveloped all you could see, you began to feel a rumbling in your body and then, finally, sound.

Before you knew it, your eyes were open wide, surrounded by a face covered in sweat. You could see everything again. Not only that, but above you was your neighbor using a powerdrill. You could hear it. You had awoken and the city hadn't changed a bit.

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