My Own Hypebeast

Finished: August 5, 2021

So there I was, sat at my desk, stared blankly at an empty slate of a page. My breath, stiff and heavy with fear, and my heart struggling against its containment within my ribcage. I'd been there awhile, pacing with my thoughts, trying to figure out how to just start. The start is always harder than the middle or end and I was aware of this, but that never made it any less difficult.

"I'm ready for this. I am, right?" I thought to myself.

Doubting myself was common place, but I also told myself often(or better yet my friends would) that if I never tackled my anxieties about writing by doing it, I would simply remain stationary. Always stuck in a neverending timeloop of me wishing I could.

"It's good to warm up with something random before the main course, maybe I should do that."

And with a deep breathe, I began to write, not about what I meant to write about, but about how I felt about it all. I turned on my favorite music compilation to focus to and just went for it. It helped some, though I obviously still felt all this to be rather daunting.

I sighed, "Alright, I think I've prepped myself enough. Lets actually write about what matters then." And promptly tossed the page in the trash.

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