I Feel Alright

Finished: November 8, 2019

"Piece of shit weather." A small city rodent cursed the rain crashing against the pavement and the wind gusts that showed up with it. Wind and rain went together like women and chocolate; one'll break your heart and the other will leave you cockeyed over a toilet bowl. Point is it was never a pretty picture.

"Whatever. My apartment ain't far. I can still get there before it gets shittier." Pulling up the hood of his jacket, he pushed against the harsh conditions. Cold and wet aside, he couldn't let himself get slowed down by a simple storm.

The city slept for no one. Not even those who inhabited it. 

Behind him, he heard the rush of a car approach and pass, sending a puddle of cold from the street directly onto the squirrel and his belongings. Anger boiled in his stomach telling him to shout at the long-gone vehicle, but the cold kept his mouth shut.  At this point, he just wanted to go home where he could get out of the damn rain. 

Finally, he went up a small set of stairs that lead up to his humble apartment. It was simple and rather unimpressive on the outside; a pale door with a mail hatch on its front beneath a square window next to a doorknob that seemed to be getting on in age judging by the significant loss of paint. Regardless, it was where he'd return to after a long day's work. He unlocked the door, went inside and immediately rushed to take a warm shower. He couldn't stand the chill anymore and wasn't about to wait any longer rid himself of it. Dry clothes, light but comfortable blanket, a plate of leftover spaghetti from a diner across town and a small cup of hot chocolate to wash it all down. Sounded like a perfect way to spend the evening until...

Black. The yells of disgruntled neighbors sounded from nearby.

Looks like he lost power, but at least he still had his spaghetti.

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